Sore Losergate Day 3: Team Holness FINALLY Figures Out Florida Law States Election Lawsuit Belongs In Leon County Court

Sore Loser Dale Holness

The legal minds behind Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness laughable maneuvering to overturn the U.S. Congressional District 20 Democrat primary finally realized Broward and Palm Beach counties were not the proper venue for their lawsuit. On Tuesday, Holness’ Broward legal team, Don James and Roshawn Banks, filed a motion to move the case to the Leon County Court in Tallahassee. Holness’ legal eagles finally realized Florida statutes state issues involving an election in more than one county must be heard in Leon County. Late last week, Holness filed lawsuits in Broward and Palm Beach County.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Holness’ attorney in the Palm Beach case, Burnadette Norris-Weeks, had not filed a similar change in venue motion.

Special note for our Margate readers: Even though Team Holness dated the motion November 30, 2020, this is actually the year 2021.

With the case moving to Leon County, perhaps Sun-Sentinel opinion editor Steve Bousquet, aka “Mister Tallahassee,” can provide Broward residents with in-person coverage?

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