CHAOS: Fired Pahokee City Attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks Refuses To Leave Position

Two weeks ago, Pahokee City Commissioners voted to fired Burnadette Norris Weeks as their city attorney. Days later, the same commissioners named Gary Brandenburg the interim city attorney. But Norris Weeks, a staunch ally of Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, was not going away quietly. Last week, Norris Weeks attended a Pahokee commission meeting as if the vote never happened.

From the start, Pahokee Mayor Keith Babb, a Norris Weeks supporter, appeared to follow a script destined to end in chaos. Norris Weeks sat at the city attorney’s table next to Brandenburg. Babb asked Brandenburg to sit in the audience with the public. When he refused, Babb attempted to paint Brandenburg as disruptive to the proceedings. Babb even tried to have Sheriff’s deputies remove Brandenburg.

Both Babb and Norris Weeks insinuated the votes to fire her and name Brandenburg as city attorney were “illegal.” Babb even called for the “disbarment” Brandenburg.

When it became crystal clear he would not be successful in defending Norris Weeks, Babb adjourned the meeting due to disruption.

Babb repeatedly mentioned a clause in Burnadette Norris Weeks’ contract calling for ninety days notice. The other commissioners made it clear they would pay Norris Weeks but they no longer wanted her legal advice.

So why was Burnadette Norris Weeks still there? Why is the matter before a Palm Beach County Judge? Why not act professionally and walk out the door?

Why the push to maintain power in Pahokee?

Dale Holness with Burnadette Norris Weeks, center.
from left, Sophia A. Nelson, Burnadette Norris Weeks and Ann Marie Sorrell

5 thoughts on “CHAOS: Fired Pahokee City Attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks Refuses To Leave Position

  1. Burnadette Norris-Weeks

    This is utterly unacceptable and ridiculous. Talk about reaching for anything! Requesting that this be removed immediately. This is clearly an attempt to do anything to somehow discredit me with bits and pieces of a story. You would not have a blog if it were not for targeting black people in leadership positions. By the way, what does Dale Holness have to do with my legal contract and a client? You Republican hit men are unbelievable. Who is paying you. Perhaps I’ll find out in discovery. I’ve had enough.


    1. Mike Ahearn, Esq

      Yawn!!! BNW are you going call Ftl PD again and make false stalking allegations against my client, for me to have them dismissed again? Maybe Mr. Lauder should look into your incompetency before Judge Singhal and your inability to properly respond to Requests for Admissions and thus costing the SOE fees? Bring it!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Stephanie Kienzle

      Quit playing the race card. You don’t get a pass on public corruption just because you’re black. That shit’s getting real old.


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