Dale Holness Picks Up Big Bucks From Owner Of Nursing School Accused Of “Taking Advantage Of The Public”

Dale Holness

The Haitian-American owner of a controversial career college/nursing school gave a $5,000 contribution to the congressional campaign of Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, records show. The July campaign report from “Holness For Congress” lists a June 23, 2021 contribution by Jhonson Napoleon of Parkland. Corporate records and published reports list Napoleon as the owner of Azure College in Fort Lauderdale and Azure High School in Plantation.

Napoleon and Azure College were featured in a 2015 Miami Herald investigation into for-profit colleges in Florida.

According to the Herald, the passing rate for the nursing exam was just 27% for Azure students at the Miami Gardens campus. The national passing rate is more than 80 percent.

Rod Beasley, CEO of Careersource South Florida, told the Miami Herald he cancelled a contract with Azure College due to numerous problems including “the falsification of records.”

“There are a number of good training vendors … schools that are doing what they’re supposed to do,” Beasley said. “And there are a number of schools like Azure that are really taking advantage of the public, and taking the dollars and putting them into programs that don’t amount to anything.”

Azure College was forced to repay $200,000 to Careersource.

The Herald also reported how Azure College opened a campus in Sebring, Florida without the approval of the U.S. Department of Education. In a attempt to circumvent the problem, financial aid forms for Azure College students stated they were attending the Miami campus.

When the U.S. Department of Education discovered what was happening, federal money was cut off from Sebring in August 2014 and students were left with no way to finance their education. Their accumulated, paid-for credits generally don’t transfer to traditional schools.”

“Napoleon said the implosion in Sebring was an honest mistake, that he had relied on poor advice from a financial consultant. Napoleon said he accommodated students by lowering the nursing program’s price for those who could afford to stay and pay cash.”

“‘I did more than what’s necessary to make the situation right,’ he said.”

“Azure must refund a yet-to-be-determined amount to the federal government.”

It appears Jhonson Napoleon is no stranger to the Dale Holness campaign.

In a 2019 Facebook video, Jhonson Napoleon interviewed Dale Holness in his office.

Napoleon stated the men have known each other since his father’s time. Holness said he had visited Haiti nine times.

Holness goes on to mock his 2016 opponent Chris Smith. Holness said polling of his district showed African-Americans outnumbered Caribbean-Americans by a two to one margin. Holness said Smith thought this would guarantee him a victory. “He didn’t know that I was servicing everybody,” Holness said.

Why would Dale Holness take contributions from someone accused of taking advantage of local students?

Don’t the constituents of CD 20 deserve better?

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