Tamarac Commissioner Tells Crowd He Can Hear Dead People, But He Refuses To Speak To Them

From left, Elberg Mike Gelin, Marlon Bolton & Dale Holness

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Holness) describes himself as “accurate, revelatory, visionary, legendary, trendy, and prophetic“ in a new YouTube video. Bolton calls himself as a life coach, prophet, recording artist, community leader, pastor, motivational speaker, teacher, encourager, and even “The General.” Just do not call Marlon Bolton a psychic.

Bolton told a gathering at the Virgin Islands Prophetic Encounter about a local fisherman named Joseph. He asked one participant if she knew anyone named Joseph. She said her deceased father was named Joseph.

Bolton said Joseph found a box floating in the water. It was filled with money and jewelry. According to Bolton, Joseph hid the box because he feared being accused of stealing it. Bolton told the woman she would find it one day.

Bolton then told the crowd about the difference between a psychic and a prophet. He said a psychic claims to speak to the dead. Bolton says he hears the dead but he refuses to talk to them.

Um, ok?

No word if Tamarac taxpayers paid for Bolton’s trip to the Virgin Islands.

1 thought on “Tamarac Commissioner Tells Crowd He Can Hear Dead People, But He Refuses To Speak To Them

  1. Eric Blake

    How is this clown a city leader? Who votes for such a person? I really don’t understand broward politics.



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