“Liar!” Broward Republican Party Official Booed At Local Donald Trump Event

Richard DeNapoli booed at Broward event.

Broward Republican Party Official Richard DeNapoli was booed Tuesday evening at a local Donald Trump event in Pompano Beach. DeNapoli, who serves as the elected State Committeeman, was called a “liar” multiple times when he told the crowd there were no “RINOS” in the Broward Republican Party leadership. The term RINO, which stands for “Republican In Name Only,” is used against leaders who worked to oppose conservative causes.

DeNapoli was attending a Jews For Trump event at Galuppis Restaurant. DeNapoli said it was the “honor of his life” to serve as the emcee of a Boca Raton Trump event in 2016.

Richard DeNapoli

DeNapoli said he was, “America First, before it was cool.” From the sound of the booing, the crowd was not impressed.

3 thoughts on ““Liar!” Broward Republican Party Official Booed At Local Donald Trump Event

  1. FAFO Broward

    Richard the RINO-hearted is crying to everyone playing the victim but he works the crowds successfully because most people do not have the fight in them to win what is being called the Broward RINO wars of 2021. If your a Trump suppoerter and you believe this guy then you are either new, ignorant, or in bed with the devil! wake the f*ck up BROWARD and get behind your MAGA army to take back your county for America First!

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