Tamarac Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos Stands Up To A Bullying Elberg Mike Gelin After Being Called A “Puppet” During Commission Meeting

A visibly angry Tamarac Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin wasn’t happy when Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos fought back against his bullying tactics at Wednesday’s commission meeting. After Gelin and fellow Tamarac Stooge™️ Marlon Bolton (D-Bully) repeatedly interrupted and criticized Villalobos during the meeting, the vice mayor was given five minutes to address a matter involving Gelin. Once again, the Tamarac Stooges™️ interrupted the proceedings with childish motions for points of order.

With the midnight hour approaching, Elberg Mike Gelin lost his cool. The audience gasped when Gelin called Villalobos a “puppet.” As the meeting adjourned, Villalobos told Gelin he was not a “puppet.” Gelin stormed of the dais.

What will Dale Holness think?!?

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  1. Jeffrey Frank says:

    The ” Tamarac Stooges” – I love it. These two are a menace, and need to go. For some reason, Tamarac city government has been a corrupt joke for longer than anyone can remember, and these two are pretty much the reason for it now. I would think the people of Tamarac would be tired of it and of their antics.

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