Charlie Crist Running For Governor (AGAIN)

It’s official. Charlie Crist is running for Governor. Again. Yawn.

Here’s the release from the Crist campaign:

For generations, the state of Florida has served as a beacon for people seeking a fresh start in the land of paradise. That’s my family’s story too. My grandfather arrived from Cyprus in 1914 and worked hard so that my father could become a doctor and raise four kids in the Sunshine State. But these days, Florida no longer seems to be a place for all Floridians.

Every year, the middle class gets squeezed: by housing costs, utility bills, health care, student loans, stagnant wages, and more. People of color continue to be systemically locked out of opportunity. And during this pandemic, Black and Hispanic residents are more likely to get COVID-19, be hospitalized, be unemployed — and they’re less likely to receive the vaccine.

This isn’t by accident. The deck is stacked against the middle class, aided and abetted by Ron DeSantis and his Republican allies in Tallahassee. He’s failed to lead during the greatest health and economic crisis in our lifetime. And he sees our state’s wonderful diversity, its melting pot of culture and political views, as a threat, rather than a strength to be celebrated.

That’s why today, I am announcing that I am running for governor to make our great state a Florida for all Floridians.

Together, we can build a Florida for all Floridians. That means making it easier to vote, not harder. Respecting the rights of all Floridians, all the time: peaceful protesters, the LGBTQ community, and women who have the right to choose.

It means treating climate change like the existential threat that it is and safeguarding our communities from rising sea levels and stronger hurricanes. And it means investing in our future by supporting public schools, colleges, infrastructure, and small businesses.

But powerful special interests depend on DeSantis for their massive profits, and they’ll spend tens of millions of dollars to keep him in power. Defeating him and embarking on our ambitious agenda won’t be easy — but we can get it done by working together.

It’s past time for your voice — the people’s voice — to be heard in Tallahassee again. Piece by piece, brick by brick, we can build a Florida for all Floridians. But no one, including me, will be able to do it alone.

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