Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Was Elvin Villalobos Campaign Treasurer In 2018, Collected Big Checks For Villalobos & Commissioner Mike Gelin

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton served as Vice-Mayor Elvin Villalobos’ 2018 campaign treasurer, official City records show. These same records show Marlon Bolton personally collected numerous campaign checks for Villalobos and Tamarac Commissioner Mike Gelin. This week, REDBROWARD exposed Bolton’s close ties to companies performing 2020 campaign work for Villalobos, other politicians, political committees and even Bolton himself.

Marlon Bolton revealed his role in the 2018 campaigns in disclosure documents with the City of Tamarac.

On March 28, 2018 Bolton informed the Tamarac City Clerk of his role as Villalobos campaign treasurer. Villalobos was running for Mayor of Tamarac. Bolton was a city commissioner.

Between July 10, 2018 and October 10, 2018 Marlon Bolton disclosed collecting twenty-nine campaign contributions for his now-fellow commissioners. On July 10th, Villalobos and Gelin campaigns each picked up $1,000 contributions thanks to Bolton.

By October 10th, Bolton had collected $4,808.23 for Villalobos campaign. Bolton collected $6,333,23 for Mike Gelin’s campaign. Bolton used “Facebook, email and phone” to raise a total of $11,141.46.

Bolton collected contributions from local companies such as Waste Management and Stephenson Consulting. Two of Bolton’s companies, Forecast Holdings and Tyson Bolton And Associates, made contributions to Villalobos and Gelin.

In his October 10, 2018 disclosure document, Marlon Bolton told the Clerk he was no longer the campaign treasurer for Elvin Villalobos. He attached an email he sent to Villalobos.

The email claims to show his resignation from Villalobos’ campaign occurred on April 1, 2018 just days after Bolton told the clerk he was the treasurer. No reason was given.

Villalobos did not win the 2018 election. But in 2020, Bolton was back on Team Villalobos.

Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed a business with ties to Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton worked on Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos’ 2020 campaign. REDBROWARD obtained the documents through a public records request. The records show Mojo Global Holdings LLC received $16,576 from Villalobos.

Villalobos reports list a Lauderhill UPS store as the address for Mojo Global Holdings. State records show Carl K. Williams is the managing member of the company. The State records list P.O. Box 246164 in Pembroke Pines as the mailing address for Mojo Global Holdings.

State records list Carl Williams and the P.O. Box 246164 on the business records for New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida. While the post office box is listed as its mailing address, since 2017, corporate records show the principal address of New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida as 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale.

Since 2015, the storefront at 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale has been the principal address for Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church. This church is owned by Marlon Bolton.

On April 12, 2019, Carl Williams created the “Go Tamarac Go PAC” using the P.O. Box 246164 mailing address.

On that same day, Carl Williams formed the “Residents United PAC” using the P.O. Box 246164 address. On July 31, 2020, Residents United PAC received a $7,500 contribution from Exy Consultants at P.O. Box 451711 in Fort Lauderdale.

Carl Williams was appointed to the Tamarac Parks and Recreation board by Marlon Bolton.

REDBROWARD asked Elvin Villalobos about Marlon Bolton’s role in his 2018 and 2020 campaigns.

In emails to REDBROWARD, Villalobos said, “Many volunteers have played a role in my elections. As many others play roles in all elected officials. 

Do you have specific questions because I have no comments regarding Commissioner Bolton

It is my campaign, my election and the win belongs to my residents that voted for me. 

With all due respect, I specifically said I have no comments regarding Commissioner Bolton.

It would be helpful to demonstrate how long he was treasurer and how much he was able to get donors to give in comparison to the amount I put in, and what my immediate friends and family donated.

It would also be very important to note that elected officials do help candidates and other elected officials, just as the Mayor did – would be nice to show that information. Lets be fair in the reporting, right?”

Last week, Marlon Bolton apparently blocked REDBROWARD from calling or texting him with requests for comment.

Tamarac residents need answers about the political alliances, not word games and attempts to deflect attention onto other politicians.

Tamarac voters deserve the truth, right?

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