Did Councilwoman Jennifer Andreu Meet With Commissioner To Discuss Giving Historic Part Of Plantation To Lauderhill?

Even though they were just elected in November, Lauderhill Commissioner Lawrence “Jabbow” Martin and Plantation Councilwoman Jennifer Andreu were discussing a proposal which could radically change each city. REDBROWARD obtained emails from Martin to Andreu seeking a meeting to discuss the “de-annexation” of a large portion of land that includes iconic Plantation businesses and historic neighborhoods. After the “de-annexation,” the land would presumably be annexed by the City of Lauderhill.

On January 11, 2021 an aide to Lauderhill Commissioner Martin sent an email to Ms. Andreu.

“Commissioner Lawrence ‘Jabbow’ Martin is requesting a meeting with you to discuss the possibility of de-annexation of the property located on the corridor of 441 and Broward Boulevard and Sunrise West to 56th Avenue. He is suggesting either next Tuesday, January 19 any time between 9 am to 2 pm, or Thursday, January 21 any time between 9 am and 12 noon at your convenience.”

On January 14th, Andreu responded with alternate dates. Andreu said she was unable to meet on weekdays before 5:30pm.

Martin agreed to a January 22nd meeting via Zoom conference call.

While Martin’s initial email is unclear, the roads he provided encompasses a large portion of historic Plantation.

The Gateway area along 441 between Broward Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard was Plantation’s first major business district. It is still home to iconic businesses such as Plantation General Hospital and Plantation Ford.

Another affected local business would be All Broward Realty owned by Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. While currently a Plantation resident, Holness once served on the Lauderhill City Commissioner.

Further west, between 441 and the Florida Turnpike, is the Plantation Park East neighborhood. And between the Turnpike and NW 56th Avenue sits the historic original Plantation homes along East Acre Drive.

First she wants to fine local businesses for using plastic straws, now this?

Why would Jennifer Andreu even considered a proposal to give this neighborhoods to Lauderhill?

REDBROWARD asked Andreu to respond. While she has time to grant interviews for puff pieces, she did not respond to our request for comment.

***UPDATED*** Ms. Andreu emailed the following response:

“I had a Zoom meeting with Commissioner Martin to introduce myself and for us to get to know each other. There was not a proposal or a deal. We discussed several topics and there was no need to discuss them with anyone else because it was an informal conversation. 

Thank you, 

Jennifer Andreu”

2 thoughts on “Did Councilwoman Jennifer Andreu Meet With Commissioner To Discuss Giving Historic Part Of Plantation To Lauderhill?

  1. Chris smith

    The map you have a plantation is wrong. Plantation goes EAST of 441 taking only the commercial properties on the EAST side of 441. That was done as cherry picking, by taking only commercial without taking any of the residence is east of 441. I advocated for deannexation on the EAST side of 441 from the City of Plantation. Lauderhill took in the residence so that they would would have a municipality and not be stuck in the counties no man land. They should also have the commercial abutting it.

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