Broward Young Democrats Fourth Of July Message: Bash USA, Praise China

Forget birthday wishes to America or patriotic messages on Independence Day. The Broward Young Democrats (BYD) marked the Fourth Of July with a social media post bashing America while praising China. Yep, the BYDs celebrated Independence Day by claiming China made the all-American hot dog better.

The BYDs posted a cartoon detailing the parts of a hot dogs and the country of origin. The frankfurter from Germany, the bun from America and ketchup from China. Normally, this type of culinary trivia would be relegated The Food Network social media. But the BYDs used it to drive home their message—America stinks.

The Broward Young Democrats wrote:

We acknowledge that many of our ancestors were not free on this day in 1776, and that many Americans are still denied the civil liberties and rights granted to every citizen under the U.S. Constitution. Once aware, it’s okay to celebrate #July4th by watching Hamilton, lighting sparklers, and eating hot dogs—a food made better by the Chinese, in an America which would be nothing without it’s immigrants.

All hell broke loose when a former Democratic candidate objected to the BYDs Instgram post. The former candidate wrote, “What a horrible July 4th message. As divisive as this country is today we have an opportunity to unify and instead for whatever reason this organization has decided to do the exact opposite.”

Mishka, a Broward Young Democrat, responded, “You know what’s actually horrible? The true history of this nation and the continued oppression of minorities. Honestly if you don’t like the rhetoric of our group please unfollow because we’re not here to be censored by white fragility.”

Jessica Garafola, an aide to State Representative Shevrin Jones, also defended the pro-Chinese message. She wrote, “just curious if ‘the greatest nation ever’ would have the highest incarceration rate, highest gun violence, most expensive healthcare, and the most COVID cases in the world. We really made America great again.”

Nancy Fry, a Plantation Democrat and member of the liberal New Leaders Council (NLC), deflected the complaints by bashing local police and a group of protestors on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Fry wrote, “Ft. Lauderdale police officers stood by and watched a group of protestors violate city ordinance by trespassing on the beach, whereas a month ago tear gas and rubber bullets went flying based only on speech content.”

Do Broward Middle Age Democrats approve of this pro-Chinese message?

Do Broward Older Democrats bash the United States of America on the Fourth of July?

Broward Young Democrats

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