Broward Candidate Tests Positive For COVID-19, Blames Everything Except Her Appearances At Black Lives Matter Protests Without Facemask!

Shevrin Jones and Jasmen Rogers-Shaw

Shevrin Jones & Jasmine Rogers-Shaw

Jasmen Rogers-Shaw is the second Broward politico in as many days to announce she tested positive for COVID-19. Rogers-Shaw is a Democrat candidate for the Florida State House District 95 seat. On Wednesday, State Representative Shevrin Jones announced he tested positive for coronavirus.

In a lengthy post on social media, Jasmen Rogers-Shaw wrote:

Some of you may know that I’ve been feeling really ill for the past week. What started with a slight, dry cough escalated into fevers and horrible body aches when Asa and I decided to get tested for COVID-19.

Rogers-Shaw stayed her diagnosis, “is a reflection of bigger, systemic issues.” She mentions, “gaps in our already failing systems, and the most vulnerable amongst us bear the brunt.”

Rogers-Shaw discusses how Lauderhill and other District 95 cities are COVID-19 “hotspots.” She wrote how this reflects “Black folks are disproportionately impacted.

Jasmen Rogers-Shaw fails you mention one teeny, tiny detail.

In the last month, Shevrin Jones and Jasmen Rogers-Shaw attended numerous Black Lives Matters protests across Broward County. In multiple pictures posted by Rogers-Shaw, Jones and Rogers-Shaw are seen not wearing face masks.

Today, Dr. Birx said Floridians under the age of forty should be tested if they attended large gatherings over the last four weeks.

In May, Jones and Rogers-Shaw attended the protest-turned riot in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Then, Rogers-Shaw attended Juneteenth marches in Broward.

There’s no information if Rogers-Shaw went to Fort Lauderdale Beach or enjoyed drinks at some Las Olas bar.

But why didn’t Rogers-Shaw wear a mask?

Why are politicians such giant hypocrites?

3 thoughts on “Broward Candidate Tests Positive For COVID-19, Blames Everything Except Her Appearances At Black Lives Matter Protests Without Facemask!

  1. EP

    Wow you write as if you discovered a hidden truth. Where is she blaming anyone. She is pointing out the truth in disparate healthcare and other things far more important than where she contracted the virus. How about talking about why she has to be out marching and protesting. We’d all like to be home trolling on our computers creating clickbait like you but we are out fighting racism contracting viruses instead of fighting to keep the beach and the bar open!!!


    1. CL

      The problem is that while people like you are spreading the virus with your riots…er, protests…the media and the left (pardon the redundancy) are falsely and shamelessly claiming that the looters…er, protestors…aren’t spreading the disease. At least you were intellectually honest enough to admit that protests are leading to an increase in infections.


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