Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Kneels
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony kneeling near Broward Boulevard

Earlier this week, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony kneeled near Broward Boulevard with several Black Lives Matter protestors outside the Broward Sheriff’s Office. The video, posted online by Xclusive Street, shows Tony walking from the building to the street where, unprompted, he kneels along the street. The protestors were sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin.

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Really??????? “….where, unprompted, he kneels along the street.” Please examine how CAREFULLY he has structured EVERY move he makes, from knowing what to lie about on a LAW ENFORCEMENT application, to knowing that FDLE, overseen by Governor Desantis, will NOT pull his law enforcement certificate,as they are REQUIRED to do if a falsehood is discovered. He has NEVER responded to protesters, and he didn’t here, either. He is a coward, suspending everyone who DARES to speak the truth to power. He is not qualified to lead the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Never was, never will be!!

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  2. Tony gave in to the terrorist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter who pledged to kill cops. He is just another thug that needs to be gone. Support a real Sheriff, Support Joe Goldner for Broward County Sheriff.

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  3. Good to see several uniformed Ft. Lauderdale/Broward Peace Officers take a knee in support of a movement to insure Law Enforcement in general can respect and treat ALL people properly, without resorting to unprofessional thuggery.
    The photo above instills faith among citizens that at least some officers, in this case including Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, are willing to demonstrate their recognition of this issue of great concern to our community.
    Apart from any other behavior ascribed to this Broward Sheriff, this act of respectful kneeling is one we should honor instead of condemn. Unless of course you prefer a police officer to kneel down on you for almost ten minutes when you cry out you cannot breathe and then lay unconscious with no pulse for almost three minutes until dead. That’s a different picture.
    Choose which one you prefer.

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    1. Taking a knee is compromising and advocating your principles, you are literally relinquishing your commitment as a law enforcement officer to a bunch of terrorists that advocate killing cops and people. Both BLM and Antifa are terrorist organizations. As Sheriff, I will never go on my knees except for God! I have morals, values, respect, and dignity, I will never bow to anyone to give a knee for any thug or criminal. Joe Goldner for Broward County Sheriff! Make Broward County Safe Again!


  4. I said it on Facebook, and I’ll repeat it here (minus the f-bombs): “I have absolutely no respect for any police officer who humiliates himself or herself by taking a f***ing knee “in solidarity” with the very same people who worship cop-haters like Kaepernick and Beyonce. So f*** you, too.



  5. Sticking to the FACT in THIS case of concern; a person in custody, already subdued and handcuffed, laying on the ground, was KILLED by police acting outside the law, and so charged.
    Surely the Police Benevolent Association Union understands that and would want these individuals, not only barred from the Profession of Peace/Police Officer, but for the sake of providing TRUST in Law Enforcement, would support their prosecution to insure JUSTICE. Would a Police Union actually CONDONE such conduct among the members of its profession?
    Certainly not a properly trained professional. I have two family members with a combined 65 years in law enforcement. (US Marines, walking beat cop, motorcycle officer, undercover work, police detective, and finally semi-retired as a court deputy) I know what they would say.
    Do the words of candidate Mr. Goldner share that concern?
    Hopefully Mr. Goldner will modify any blanket condemnation of public protest or minorities. Make the COMMITTMENT to better training, attitude screening, and promoting respectful professional policing, like we enjoy here in the City Plantation!


  6. Is there anything this guy could do that would surprise any of us!? He shot a guy 6 times in the face in self defense at 14 yrs old. How many 14 year old kids do you know that could ruthlessly shoot a man 6x in the face? I don’t know any. Not to mention knowingly & willingly write bad checks while he had money to buy drugs.


  7. Is there anything this guy could do that would surprise any of us!? He shot a guy 6 times in the face in self defense at 14 yrs old. How many 14 year old kids do you know that could ruthlessly shoot a man 6x in the face? I don’t know any. Not to mention knowingly & willingly write bad checks while he had money to buy drugs.


    1. There was a lot of problems with what Tony’s account was, the fact he was able to use a gun and kill someone without remorse, plus what was he doing with a drug dealer, etc. The other thing is he lied about his drug use including LSD. His lack of ethics and possible criminal background disqualifies him as well as Scott Israel and his previous actions and policies that led to 17 people killed in Parkland and many others at the terror attack at the airport. We need new blood with ethics, morals and who would back up his deputies not take a knee in defience of them. We need Joe Goldner as Broward County Sheriff.


  8. What a Sad thing this is for an officer to bow down to blm. They need to brush up on this organization and see how Wicked they are. BLM doesn’t even care that black people are being murdered property being destroyed injuries Untold amount. And you want to bow down to this. Just remember one thing you will always reap what you have sown and what’s done in darkness will come to light maybe not tomorrow or the next day but it’s coming.


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