Fort Lauderdale Commish Gets Snippy When Questioned About “My BFF” David Beckham

Facebook post by Steve Glassman

While Fort Lauderdale faced an enormous environmental disaster after 127 million gallons of raw sewage (i.e. poop) were pumped into local waterways, Commissioner Steve Glassman took to Facebook to address the top issue on his mind–David Beckham’s appearance on Modern Family. A former Manchester United great, Beckham is owner of the MLS Inter Miami CF franchise which will play its games on a new stadium built in Fort Lauderdale. Last week, Beckham made a Speedo-clad cameo appearance on the hit ABC television comedy.

Days later, Glassman wrote, “So proud of my BFF David Beckham’s excellent performance on Modern Family this week. I see a future for this young man. Congrats and all the best.” Glassman posted six photographs of Beckham including two pics of the men at local events. The post garnered twenty-one comments including one Facebook user asking Commissioner Glassman the status on “complimentary opening match tickets.”

The comments were not as friendly on Glassman’s Twitter post. Glassman did not appreciate a comment by user @BecauseFlorida1 who wrote, “You are an elected official, working for the city. Not a celebrity. Get to work.” Instead of ignoring the comment, Glassman attacked:

Oh, please Mr. or Ms. hide behind some name. I work hard, I play hard, and I like to joke and laugh. Get over it and get a life – maybe even get a sense of humor. Enjoy this beautiful day in the greatest city.

In response, @BecauseFlorida1 wrote, “I laugh loud and I laugh often, just not when thousands of residents are depending on me to fight for them and keep their city safe and clean. We will see you at the protest tomorrow right?”

The comments referenced the Sunday protest at Colee Hammock Park featuring dozens of boats and residents upset with the sewage crisis. Even though even major media outlet covered the protest, Glassman and the rest of the City Commission failed to appear.

So much for the sewer issue being number one on the minds of Mayor Dean Trantalis and the City Commission.

A review of Steve Glassman’s official and personal Facebook accounts fail to show a focus on City infrastructure. In nearly 500 posts since his election in March 2018, Glassman never mentioned the sewer issue until the December 2019 break in Rio Vista. Glassman failed to mention water system issues until the City lost water in July 2018. During both emergencies, Glassman simply reposted information gleaned from the City website. There were no posts of Glassman on the scene of any emergency until this week when a water line broke in Victoria Park.

Did he post pictures of himself with a safety vest, hard hat and rubber boots as repairs were made? Nope. Glassman posted pics of his chat with a camera crew.

Most of Glassman’s social posts mentioned public art, parks, scooters, “selfie days,” plastic straws and MLS/David Beckham. Maybe Glassman, a close supporter of Mayor Dean Trantalis, does not want to address real issues in his city. Perhaps Glassman needs new advisers?

Fort Lauderdale residents deserve real leadership, right?

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