Governor Ron DeSantis Extends Best Wishes to Floridians for Passover and Easter

From Governor Ron DeSantis:

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis extended best wishes to Floridians for Passover and Easter. 


Governor DeSantis said, “This Easter Sunday my family and I will join with millions of Christians worldwide in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Casey and I wish everyone a very Happy Easter with family and friends.


“We also wish all of our Jewish friends a Chag Pesach Sameach. The Passover holiday commemorates the Israelites’ emancipation from centuries of slavery in ancient Egypt. I will continue to defend freedom for all and stand with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.”

1 thought on “Governor Ron DeSantis Extends Best Wishes to Floridians for Passover and Easter

  1. Carl Buehler

    Hopefully Governor DeSantis can get this message across the State Legislature.
    ENOUGH PREEMPTIVE legislation denying Broward Municipalities OUR HOME rule!
    Dear State Representative,
    Thank you for closing out this legislative session. I have previously requested you will vote NO on PREEMPTIVE legislation that undermines our local government.
    PREEMPTIVE CS/CS/HB 987: Public Lodging Establishments and SB 824: Private Property Rights of Homeowners
    Please work in favor of the League of Cities 2019 Legislative Brief regarding Preemptive Legislation.

    Florida is a popular tourist destination. There are plenty of fine commercial establishments for hosting our visitors and providing comfortable and affordable accommodations. Why would you vote to allow commercial operators to buy up homes in residential neighborhoods and turn them into un-managed vacation rental motels in RESIDENTIAL neighborhoods? Why not let our own residents determine if operating commercial motels in residential ZONED neighborhoods is proper, or at least insure, properly managed?

    No need to bore you with the numerous nightmare stories of vacation rental operators in OUR residential neighborhoods renting out on a nightly basis using online registration and payment without any onsite verification of identity or site security. Not so pleasant for residential neighbors to hear partying into the night, random comings and goings of complete strangers and their unregistered guests, peeing on the lawn, engaging in loud music, talk, fights, and with NO night manager to complain to.

    Oh that’s right, just call the Police, file a noise complaint. Two nearby residents did that 40 to 50 times without result. Our police department files prove that. Oh no problem, the Mayor said at a council meeting, call her, and she will meet with the police chief and take care of that problem. Maybe thousands of like affected residents should call the mayor. The police chief, though very professional, is likely not happy fielding noise complaints as the ineffective enforcement mechanism of a hamstrung meaningless Municipal Vacation Rental Code. Council members then excused themselves from passing any real regulatory vacation rental code, as having been hamstrung by the State Legislature. Or was that their way of hamming it up. Help me, my hands are tied and I can’t get up! Thanks to you? I hope not.

    Yes. Our local council members applauded themselves and declared mission accomplished after months of trying to pass a Municipal Vacation Rental Code. One council member, Nick Sortal, described how council members spent hours debating over the amount of the Vacation Rental registration fee. Should it be $350 or $250? Is it too much or too little? Who the hell cares?! That fee has NOTHING to do with effective regulation of intrusive vacation rentals! The average vacation rental nightly rate is $350 in South Florida. Said fee has no regulatory affect on commercial operators making $6000 to $10,000 a month harboring “guests” in their NON-owner occupied commercial vacation rental properties.

    Which is why the vacation rental owners and industry have obviously purchased widespread GOODWILL among our State Legislators, who are happily passing PREEMPTIVE Legislation at the cost of Public Safety and Quality of life in our residential communities. Seriously, can you say YOU ARE OK WITH DOING THAT?

    Pretty soon it will be Super Bowl time in Florida. Airbnb is already predicting nightly rates of $1000 and UP! Online sports fans better book soon. Especially those sex operators looking to establish a business location close to the Big Action. They’ll be paying $3000 or more a night for good residential “vacation rental facilities”, and bringing in plenty of unregistered guests, and cute “hostesses” for “private parties”. You going? Now don’t mess up like Robert Kraft. Probably be plenty of other businessmen, maybe even politicians, hooking up at these elite vacation rental MINI “Sandals” operations. Who cares? Screwing a hooker during the Super Bowl is all about South Florida, FUN, SUN, and SEX right? What could be more American? After all the President does it.

    So how are you going to vote?

    Protect the Vacation Rental Industry? Or do the right thing, VOTING NO, and protecting us, your constituency?

    If you get a chance let me know. Sorry I don’t have ten grand or even $10 to put in the political kitty. However I’ll see to it that your local newspaper and online media during the next campaign are made aware of how you voted. I trust you do NOT wish to screw local citizens, meaning we can all look forward to your proper vote to protect us and our home rule.

    Good Luck,
    Carl Buehler

    2019 PREEMPTIVE Legislation

    CS/CS/HB 987: Public Lodging Establishments
    GENERAL BILL by Commerce Committee ; Business and Professions Subcommittee ; Grant, J. ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) SabatiniPublic Lodging Establishments; Preempts to state regulation of vacation rentalsEffective Date: 7/1/2019
    Last Action: 4/17/2019 House – Placed on Calendar -HJ 743
    Bill Text: PDF…/BillText/c2/PDF

    SB 7030 – This dangerous bill will allows Classroom Teachers to be armed – VOTE NO!

    SB 7096/HB 7111 – Will make it almost impossible for Citizen Initiatives to get on the ballot by restricting petition gathering efforts – VOTE NO

    SB 432/HB 847 – Takes away rights of local communities to regulate Employment Conditions such as living wage and wage theft ordinances – VOTE NO!

    SB 824: Private Property Rights of Homeowners see…/Bill/2019/824/BillText/Filed/HTML
    GENERAL BILL by Diaz

    Work in favor of the League of Cities 2019 Legislative Brief regarding Preemptive Legislation.
    Short-Term Rentals REFERENCES

    The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation that restores local zoning authority with respect to short-term rental properties, thereby preserving the integrity of Florida’s residential neighborhoods and communities. The Florida League of Cities OPPOSES legislation that preempts municipal authority as it relates to the regulation of short-term rental properties.

    Click to access 2019-ib—short-term-rentals.pdf

    Regional Broward Contact

    Mary Lou Tighe, Executive Director
    Sely Cochrane, Deputy Executive Director

    Broward League of Cities
    Governmental Center, Suite 122
    115 South Andrews Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    Phone: 954-357-7370 Fax: 954-357-5563

    Legal Counsel – Goren Cherof Doody & Ezrol P.A. (That’s our TEAM PLANTATION!)
    Legislative Counsel – Colodny Fass

    Municipal Members



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