Florida Supreme Court Affirms Governor Ron DeSantis’ Authority to Suspend Former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

From The Office of Governor Ron DeSantis:

Today, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion affirming Governor Ron DeSantis’ authority to suspend former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for neglect of duty and incompetence. 

 “Today’s Florida Supreme Court opinion leaves no doubt of my authority as Governor to suspend a government official for neglect of duty and incompetence,” said Governor DeSantis. “Scott Israel failed in his duties to protect the families and students of Broward County and the time for delay tactics is at an end. I look forward to the Florida Senate resuming the process of formal removal.”

1 thought on “Florida Supreme Court Affirms Governor Ron DeSantis’ Authority to Suspend Former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Ok.Mr.Israel should go into private security etc.I mean I think in the aftermath of the shooting he did the best he could.Not his fault that some of his deputies we’re cowards.But it’s over.I would not run again because any canidates will bring out the fact that u we’re axed.Also the victims families wanted u gone( along with Mr.Runcie- boy being Black(yes) has paid off for u- U think if u we’re a Wasp u would still be there- come on).Back to Mr.Israel again,take a shot at the private sector.Or to stay in county/ city gov’t seek to be a city Public Safety Director etc but don’t run for Sheriff- u will lose.Now to the Gov appointed Sheriff.Boy,did u blow it at the Tamarac City comm.I mean u did your deputies in question no Justice.I mean u expressed desire to run for Sheriff- well this is not how u go about it.Plus being Black should work in your favor but what I’m hearing is u r an Oreo cookie.By his actions u just gave any canidates that want to run big amution to beat u.Also u better run as a Demo cause u will never,never get elected running as a Republican.I say poetic Justice would be former police chief Frank Adderly run( as a Demo) will give TONY A run for his money.Mr.Tony there.Let the SAO conduct their investigation against your cops in regards to allegedly assulting the young Black high school student.And whatever they recommend u do.As far as the other one that punched the Punk in the face,while u was cuffed to the gurney.U my friend will end up in jail for punching that guy.That is for sure.I think the other cops have a good chance of clearing their names when entire video is veiwed by public.But this cop that punched the Punk while cuffed to the gurney boy u made their chances of found not guilty even harder.U going to jail- trust me.Punching a Punk cuffed to a gurney.While( get this) his camera rolling.Idiot..To BSO Union don.t waste your time($) .I mean how do u defend his actions.The other cops use all resource available to u to get the entire video and make sure the entire country see it…



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