How Did Three Different Broward Early Voting Sites Have The Exact Same Number Of Votes On Tuesday?

In numbers posted by the Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE), three early voting locations recorded the exact same number of votes on Tuesday. According to Dr. Brenda Snipes’ office, polling places at the Hollywood Library, the Miramar Library and the Weston Library each had 1,009 votes. It’s this even possible?

1 thought on “How Did Three Different Broward Early Voting Sites Have The Exact Same Number Of Votes On Tuesday?

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Seems very suspect to me.Be careful Tom here Dr.Snipes right hand man Fred Bellis will state to u ( over the phone is his usual motto) that u r a liar.Pattern with this guy.Think this scenario is troubling how about residents received ballots w/ pages missing.Pages duplicated etc.Unreal.Dr.Snipes worst enemies are himself Mr.Bellis and her SOE attt.Weekes.Im not kidding.They stink.Although Dr.Snipes sharp as a tack both Bellis and Weekes should be shown the door.My take is.Snipes is getting ready to retire( come on u gonna work till your eighty) and she doesn.t want to rock the boat etc.Also to point out local lobby and political consult Judy Stern has alot of pull with Mr.Bellis.Huh guys.Should have seen Judy yesterday at the Ft.lau conference meeting( keep the calls comin moles).Oh she distrupts( yes) the conference meeting to give Comm.Mckenzie some paper work( who knows what it was- should have been given to entire comm) and she thinks shes John Wayne( wait) and plops all this will call it stuff to Mckenzie.Mayor Trantalis demanded to know what was up and u should have seen Robert( as explained to me) .Mckenzie got really ghetto with Trantalis with.his lets settle this now and Stern is my friend and bla, bla, bla.Dean cool as a cucumber states Stern is a lobbyist and its basically inappropriate.He was right.Piece of advice no flies on Dean.U will not beat him.That being stated what floored me was Trantalis and the rest of them giving 800 hundred thou to county so homeless people can get free apartments, furniture and utilities paid.800 hundred thou.Not inc.the 400 g u just gave the county not even a year ago.Unreal.Wait.This election and felony voting passes deal me in Dean…



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