After Raising Questions About Arrest Record, Tamarac Voter Claims Mayoral Candidate Elvin Villalobos Came To His Home

Earlier this month, Tamarac resident Rob Alfonso posted video of his recent encounter with mayoral candidate Elvin Villalobos. Following a candidate forum, Alfonso asked Villalobos about his 2012 arrest in Broward County. When Alfonso produced a copy of his booking mugshot Villalobos claimed it was “photoshopped.”

Villalobos repeatedly ignored Alfonso’s questions about the arrest. A man identified as Villalobos’ brother said the arrest was for “traffic violations.” After taking photographs of Alfonso, Villalobos started whining about missing campaign signs and people “twisting” his words.

While he ignored a Tamarac voter, Villalobos divulged details of his arrest to the local newspaper. The Sun-Sentinel reported Villalobos, “was charged with battery after a car accident and sentenced to probation in 2012.” The Broward State Attorney’s Office (SAO) would not provide records to the newspaper. “The (SAO) spokeswoman cited a state statute that allows the records of adult criminal history to not be made public if they are sealed or expunged.”

“I’m not hiding it, but it’s something I would like to put in the past,” Villalobos told the Sun-Sentinel.

According to the newspaper, Villalobos got into a physical altercation with another driver on I-595. He claimed the other driver cut him off causing him hit the car from behind.

Villalobos said the other driver “started screaming. I accidentally touched the face of the other person while defending myself. I got arrested for that.”

Villalobos said his record was sealed and expunged in 2017.

This may explain Villalobos’ demeanor towards Alfonso outside the candidate forum. While the State sealed his records, shady websites known for posting mugshots do not remove them unless an individual pays to have them taken down.


In an interview with Tamarac Talk, Elvin Villalobos claimed the 2012 incident was not a secret. He claims he disclosed arrest record when he applied to join the Tamarac Parks & Recreation Board. Villalobos told Tamarac Talk editor Sharon Aron Baron the whole accident was a “mistake.”

“I don’t have a temper. I’m very quiet,” said Villalobos. “I usually like to defuse situations. It was a mistake. Finding out that this person was okay was a mistake.”

But Rob Alfonso claims Elvin Villalobos escalated the situation when he drove to his Tamarac home. Alfonso posted surveillance camera on YouTube of a dark sedan stopping in front of his house. In the video, Alfonso walks outside to speak with the driver. The car speeds off.

The driver of the dark sedan cannot be seen in the video, but Alfonso told REDBROWARD the driver was Elvin Villalobos. Alfonso said the car had Villalobos campaign materials on display. When asked what he was doing there, Alfonso claims Villalobos said “campaigning” while making an air quotes gesture.

REDBROWARD called Villalobos to get his side of the story. He did not respond to emails or phone calls.

But Elvin Villalobos can easily settle the matter. He told the Sun-Sentinel and Tamarac Talk that his car is equipped with cameras. The video would capture Alfonso and Villalobos’ words and actions. Voters should know if Elvin Villalobos drove to the home of a voter who brought his criminal past to light.

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