In an interview with REDBROWARD on Tuesday, Johanna Feis describes how the husband of Broward School Board Member Laurie Rich Levinson yelled in her face at early voting. Feis, sister of the late MSD coach Aaron Feis, is at the Davie/Cooper City library supporting Dr. Richard Mendelson. Aaron Feis and sixteen others were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas on February 14, 2018.

Mendelson, a lifelong friend of Aaron Feis, is leading a strong challenge to unseat Levinson from her District 6 seat. Johanna Feis claims Neil Levinson got in her face after both spoke with a voter. On Sunday, Mr. Levinson allegedly told Feis she was mentally unstable due to her brother’s murder. Ms. Feis and Mendelson identify Mr. Levinson in a photo lineup provided by REDBROWARD.

Late Tuesday, a lawyer for Johanna Feis claimed another local Democrat supporting Levinson screamed at her for discussing her late brother and the other MSD victims. Attorney Cathy Lerman tweeted:

Attorney Randy Fleischer, the head of the Davie Democratic party, today advised families of MSD victims who are at the polls talking to voters for the BCSD seats that they SHOULD NOT discuss their MSD loved ones with voters. So Fleischer wants them to pretend it didn’t happen?

Candace Lerman tweeted:

Attorney Randy Fleischer, President of Davie Democrat Club told @MendelsonBCPS6 in front of Ray Feis, brother of MSD hero Coach Feis, that the families of the 17 victims shouldn’t talk about them when supporting school board candidates. @PollackHunter @AndrewPollackFL @jaketapper