Controversial Consultant Judy Stern Already Hurting Tanner Demmery Campaign

Since her monumental failure in the recent City Of Fort Lauderdale elections, the already controversial consultant Judy Stern may be even more radioactive among the Broward political class. But Stern’s epic failures do not seem to concern Broward County Judicial candidate Tanner Demmery. Perhaps young Mr. Demmery failed to notice how Dean Trantalis trounced Stern-backed Bruce Roberts on his way to becoming Mayor of Fort Lauderdale?

In December, REDBROWARD reported campaigns signs for Bruce Roberts’ mayoral campaign appear were stamped with a bogus union label. Under the auspices of the Teamsters Union, the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU) governs union print shops in Florida. According to the Teamsters website, only eight Florida print shops are authorized to use the union label with just one shop, Union Printing, located in Broward County.

After winning the endorsement of Fort Lauderdale police and fire unions, many assumed Bruce Roberts would use a union print shop for his campaign printing needs. A large Bruce Roberts campaign sign sported a union label with the 322c number assigned to Union Printing in Hollywood.

But Bruce Roberts did not hire Union Printing. Dean Trantalis paid Union Printing for campaign work. According to campaign treasurer reports, Bruce Roberts paid $6,095 To Publicity Hound Promotions, Inc. for campaign signs.

REDBROWARD contacted Publicity Hound Promotions owner Lisa Mortilla.

When asked why the signs had the Union Printing label, she said, “because they were printed by a union shop.” When told the number belongs specifically to Union Printing Of Hollywood, Mortilla said she was walking into a meeting and hung up.

When contacted by REDBROWARD, a representative from Union Printing stated they were exploring legal options as well as options through the Teamsters Union. One local politico outside of Florida confirmed this Union-busting blunder hurt Stern’s standing with many candidates.

Other Stern clients used Publicity Hound Promotions in the past. In 2016, Publicity Hounds Promotions did print work for Judge Florence Barner and Judge Kim Mollica.

Now, judicial candidate Tanner Demmery is paying Publicity Hound Promotions for print work.

REDBROWARD reached out to Demmery with questions about his ties to Judy Stern. While she is not listed as his consultant, the March 2018 campaign treasurer’s report shows his campaign paid Judy Stern for a seat at her table for the Fort Lauderdale Fraternal Order Of Police event in March.

We will update story if Demmery responds.

Demmery, a lawyer/real estate agent, faces off against Leonore Greller and Corey Cawthon in August.

3 thoughts on “Controversial Consultant Judy Stern Already Hurting Tanner Demmery Campaign

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Judy Stern could care less.As long as she is paid etc.Its obvious she got a cut of that print shop proceeds.She is a tough cookie.Again as long as alot of u keep hiring her she laughs all the way to the bank.Yeah Roberts lost but she has.more wins under her belt than loses.I stated to her arch nemesis Char Rodstrom be careful w/ her( stern).Stern makes it unbearable for Rodstrom every time Char runs.Judy is no small potatoes.I also heard screw around with her she has ties to the FBI.Im not sayin she is an informant, lets just say she can set u up or if u don.t play nice, nice w/ her, well one call to FBi and your toast.Think the Jewish version of Clarece Strarling…None of your revelations are a surprise to me.One thing about Stern is she has excellent etiquette manners.Oh, yeahVery well mannered..


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    I have to give credit where credit is do.As a lobbyist she is worth her weight in gold.Oh Bruce Roberts might have lost but her other client the Bahia Mar she got it approved.That was not easy.So she went the distance lobbying for the client..Again that was not easy.If it holds with this new comm, if it doesn.t well she did her job.Many residents did not want the Bahia mar project.Stern did not care.As long as she got her Ben Franklins ( payment for lobby etc) she prevailed.She is.not an elected offical.She doesn.t answer to the residents.Me im all about majority rules.Its all about the residents.Stern here plays a different role.She is where.She still has influence with the ft.lau comm.Even though Roberts tanked she has Comm elect Sorrenson.I don.t get it.It was judy that directed Sorenson to introduce the motion to fire city atty.City manager lived for another day.Magic # is 3 to get anything past.What her influence over Sorenson?.I not sure.Feldman without Sorrenson would have been sent packing.Sorenson through Stern is the deciding vote.Its his vote that will make or break Mayor Trantalis agenda.No love from Mckenzie or Moratis.Key player is Sorenson, who Stern is the Capo telling Sorenson what to do.My take to Trantalis get Moratis on your side.Moratis you could be a key player and get your agenda and issues to the fore front.Play nice with Trantalis.Cause you are being seen as a no vote for trantalis and Glassman.Join Trantalis and Glassman.Better to go with those to than being on board with Mckenzie.Take the spot lite of Sorenson.You should be the deciding vote, not Sorenson.Stern will keep Sorenson on a short lease.Recognize this and u will accomplish much.Judy here is out for Judy.I respect that to a certain degree seeing that she is the most hated resident in Fort lau.She could care less.That there lies the problem.Will Judy sink or swim.Will see.Others take note..


  3. evdebs

    What has Red Broward got against Demmery? His consultant shared a table with another consultant? If true, that sounds like a capital crime. “Book ’em, Dano.”

    (Or arrest them, anytime anyone goes “dutch.”)



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