Bruce Roberts’ Campaign Signs Sport Bogus Union Label

Campaign signs for Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor Bruce Roberts’ mayoral campaign appear to be stamped with a bogus union label. It is common political practice for unions to insist candidates seeking their endorsement use union print shops. Falling under the Teamsters Union, the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU) governs union print shops in Florida. According to the Teamsters website, only eight Florida print shops are authorized to use the union label. Only one shop, Union Printing, is located in Broward County.

After winning the endorsement of Fort Lauderdale police and fire unions, one would assume Bruce Roberts would use a union print shop for his campaign printing needs. A large Bruce Roberts campaign sign does need sport a union label. The label bears the 322c number assigned to Union Printing in Hollywood.

Just one problem. Bruce Roberts is not using Union Printing. His opponent, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis is paying Union Printing for campaign work. According to campaign treasurer reports, Bruce Roberts paid $6,095 To Publicity Hound Promotions, Inc. for campaign signs.

So why would signs printed by Publicity Hound Promotions of Fort Lauderdale bear the official union label belonging to Union Printing Of Hollywood?

Another Dirty Trick From Controversial Consultant Judy Stern?

While it’s unlikely Bruce Roberts, the former Fort Lauderdale Police Chief, is trying to fool members of the police and fire unions, his controversial Consultant is no stranger to campaign games.

Earlier this month, published reports said consultant Judy Stern was “desperate” to get a win in the upcoming Fort Lauderdale elections. BrowardBeat exposed ties between Roberts and Stern, while REDBROWARD documented her ties to Fort Lauderdale Commission candidate Ben Sorensen. Two weeks ago, Roberts angered voters by supporting the Bahia Mar project. Judy Stern, a lobbyist for developers of that project, was spotted working the room at the commission meeting.

Clients of Stern have used Publicity Hound Promotions in the past. In 2016, Publicity Hounds Promotions did print work for Judge Florence Barner and Judge Kim Mollica. This year, judicial candidate Tanner Demmery is paying Publicity Hound Promotions for print work. Did their print work sport the bogus union label?

REDBROWARD contacted Publicity Hound Promotions owner Lisa Mortilla.

When asked why the signs had the Union Printing label, she said, “because they were printed by a union shop.” When told the number belongs specifically to Union Printing Of Hollywood, Mortilla said she was walking into a meeting and hung up.

Doesn’t Mortilla know each print shop has a unique number? Did Mortilla think nobody would ever check?

We will update story if Lisa Mortilla calls back.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Roberts’ Campaign Signs Sport Bogus Union Label

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    So the real story here is who owns this print shop.And more importantly is how Judy Stern is connected.Fess up Jules who owns the print shop etc.Another greddy hand in the pot and Bruce Roberts is used again.If my parents were alive they would be sayin “suckerboy and pawn Robert guess what with all your pep in your step Robbie,bobbie,slobbie(as if) you got company ….


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