Congressman Roger Stone?

Is Roger Stone Running For Office?

On Tuesday, noted author and political consultant Roger Stone used social media to (kinda) address whispers he’s considering a run for office. On his Twitter account, Stone referred to a Orlando radio interview with political consultants.

On the WFME website, political analyst Michelle Ertel discussed the race to replace Florida Governor Rick Scott. “A real wildcard that’s been whispered about is Roger Stone,” says Ertel. “He was Richard Nixon’s dirty trickster, and he worked neck and neck with Donald Trump to get him elected. This guy has got some personal net worth, he’s got a network,” she says. 

In response to the interview, Stone replied:

Many are pushing me to run for office. @realDonaldTrump needs help. Is Florida ready to #GetStoned?… @MichelleErtel

Last month, REDBROWARD heard something different. A source claimed Stone would be an ideal candidate to run against Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. The source believed Stone, a Broward resident, would give Wasserman-Schultz a real tough challenge. The source said the one-two punch of Stone and Tim Canova would rattle Wasserman-Schultz and deplete her large campaign war chest.

Roger Stone remains in the national spotlight thanks to his close ties to President Donald Trump, his appearances on Alex Jones’ Infowars platform and the well-reviewed “Get Me Roger Stone” documentary on Netflix.

Joe Kauffman and Carla Spalding have announced their campaigns for the Republican nomination for the CD 23 seat. 

Would Stone run as a Republican? Or a Libertarian? Would he have the support of President Trump? Does Stone prefer Tallahassee to D.C.?

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