Broward Children’s Museum Makes Bogus Call To Cops To Intimidate Local Reporter

On February 15th, 2017 an unidentified male from the Young At Art (YAA) Children’s Museum called the Davie Police Department to report, “A man out front bothering our guests, taking video.” The male told the Broward County Regional operator, “He’s not coming in, he’s not joining. He’s just out front videoing and bothering our guests during a special event and we would like to see if he would leave.” When the operator asked for a description of the man, the YAA caller said he could no longer see him. On the call, you can hear another unidentified male providing a description to the original caller

The man outside Young At Art was this reporter.

As previously reported, REDBROWARD attempted to question former Judge Jay Spechler, the husband of YAA co-founder Mindy Shrago. Spechler was attending a $1,000 per plate luncheon at the museum. Because of the fancy luncheon, the museum was closed to Broward taxpayers.

Jay Spechler did not want to talk about his alleged remarks regarding Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca. According to multiple sources, Spechler, the attorney for former Broward Health chairman David Di Pietro, allegedly told several lawyers that “Chip LaMarca was going down.” Published reports say Federal and State investigators are looking into issues at Broward Health involving LaMarca and Di Pietro, his former attorney and political adviser.

Spechler represented David Di Pietro in his March 2016 lawsuit against Florida Governor Rick Scott. Following complaints from State investigators that Di Pietro was interfering in their work, Governor Scott removed him from the board. Spechler, Brian Silber and Bruce Green represented Di Pietro against Governor Scott.

Spechler is currently listed as a partner at David Di Pietro and Associates. It is unclear whether Spechler represents David Di Pietro in any ongoing matter regarding Broward Health.

Which is exactly why REDBROWARD wanted to ask Jay Spechler whether his alleged comments about Chip LaMarca were related to his representation of David Di Pietro.


When asked about his alleged comments about Chip LaMarca, Jay Spechler ran into the museum through a backdoor. Spechler also avoided questions about nude artwork created by his adult children.

Spechler was under no obligation to answer our questions about LaMarca, the artwork, his representation of Hallandale Beach commissioners and the hiring of private investigators.


After Spechler ran into the building, REDBROWARD spotted the former judge peering out a museum window. Once again, we invited Spechler to come speak on the record. Shortly thereafter, the call was placed to the police. When two Davie police cruisers arrived, the officers were met by Young At Art finance director Dana McLean.

After McLean retreated to the museum, this reporter approached the officers. REDBROWARD provided identification and explained the reasons behind the bogus phone call. One of the officers said YAA was concerned a “pervert was taking pictures of kids.” Did Dana McLean provide this false information to police? (We attempted to contact Ms. McLean but all calls to YAA appear to go directly to voicemail.)

REDBROWARD explained we did not speak to any guests other than Jay Spechler. REDBROWARD stated we did not take any pictures or video of any children. REDBROWARD stated we were sitting on bench awaiting the arrival of YAA chairman David Di Pietro.

Satisfied with the explantation, the professional officers of the Davie Police Department left the scene.


Jay Spechler knows exactly who questioned him on February 15th. That’s why he chose the cowardly option of running in the backdoor. So why did he waste taxpayer dollars and police officers’ time on a bogus phone call? Guess the YAA folks are used to financing their whims on the backs of Broward taxpayers.

This appears to have been the latest intimidation tactic meant to keep Broward residents in the dark about the financial issues at the museum and the hyper-sexualized art featuring Jay Spechler and his family.

Earlier this month, Dana McLean, Mindy Shrago and David Di Pietro met with Broward County Commissioners about another taxpayer bailout of the museum. The trio came hats in hand while their lawsuit against the County remains on hold.

Who is paying the legal bills for Young At Art? What happened to the big bucks raised at the $1,000 per plate luncheon in February?

Broward residents deserve answers before YAA gets another dime.



1 thought on “Broward Children’s Museum Makes Bogus Call To Cops To Intimidate Local Reporter

  1. South Florida Corruption

    One of your best articles.

    Who in the hell do these people think they are?
    It isn’t bad enough they are ripping the county off for their own person ventures, now they want to USE the police as their personal tool of vengeance.

    Shame on you Y.A.A.

    Also good question; Who is paying their legal costs?
    Our guess would be the taxpayers of Broward, like everything else with them.
    The City of Davie should bill them for the obvious false complaint.

    They know exactly who you are. Saw the video of the former judge running from you.
    Bet they have a picture of you in the office with a caption like “Do Not Speak to This Person Under Any Circumstance”.



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