Court Docs Shocker: Former Broward Judge Feren Wanted To Pay First Cousin For Sexual Relationship

Explosive court documents show former Broward County Court Judge Steve Feren was allegedly willing to pay his first cousin for a sexual relationship. In February, the woman and her daughter filed a temporary injunction order against Feren for “stalking violence.” The cases were dismissed last week after the women failed to appear at a hearing.

REDBROWARD obtained the complaints filed by Feren’s first cousin and her daughter. (While the documents name the plaintiffs, REDBROWARD is withholding their names.) The complaints, containing emails allegedly sent by Feren, show the woman was threatened with lawsuits and even criminal charges if she failed to have a sexual relationship with her cousin.

On February 13, 2017, Feren allegedly wrote, “How can you live with yourself?” The email details his anger over the woman’s desire to have a strictly “platonic” relationship. “You gave me just enough (massaging your neck, giving you a back rub, massaging your buttocks to relieve the pressure on your lower back, etc.) to keep me wanting more–and expecting to get it,” he allegedly wrote. Feren was allegedly angry over his cousin’s sexual encounter with another man.

Feren allegedly wrote, “You knew that going out and having sex with someone you barely knew, while you kept refusing to allow me to get any closer to you, was going to break my heart.” 

This email ends with, “I will do as much harm to you as I can while I still can.”

In a February 16th email, Feren allegedly gave his first cousin three options. The first option required the cousin to come back to Feren’s Sunrise home. “We have a complete relationship, which includes sex (when ever I can), in which you fully participate like you really love me,” he allegedly wrote. In exchange, he would “pay all of the other bills.” If the email is true, Feren promised to move to a nice home in Boca and take the cousin on lavish trips to Europe.

Option two was not as glamorous. Feren allegedly wrote he would sue the cousin over a Kia automobile he purchased for her. The email promised a lawsuit against her daughter as well. The email promises a lawsuit seeking $70,000 in damages. “You get to live as a boarder in a rooming house, and I will not be able to ever help you again,” Feren allegedly wrote.

Option three was a settlement offer. The email states the lawsuits will be dropped for a $40,000 lump sum payment.

More to come…

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