Plantation Councilman Signs $1 Million Deal With Broward County

Plantation City Councilman Chris Zimmerman has signed a $1 million dollar deal with Broward County government. Approval of the deal with Zimmerman’s CPZ Architects Inc. is set for Tuesday’s Broward County Commission meeting. As president & owner of CPZ, Zimmerman signed the million dollar consultant deal with the County.

Zimmerman is not the first Plantation City Council member with dual allegiances. Councilman Robert “Bob” Levy is the high-paid manager of the very-poor City of Pembroke Park. Published reports state Levy makes $250,000 as city manager.

Levy has repeatedly said Plantation would always come first in any conflict involving Pembroke Park. That’s not a difficult pledge since the two cities rarely have competing interests.

It’s a different matter when it comes to the City of Plantation and Broward County. What will Zimmerman do when the 911 call center issue comes up again. Currently, Plantation is one of the few cities refusing to join the countywide 911 system. What about future bond and sales tax issues? Will Zimmerman consult on County issues involving Plantation?

Zimmerman owes Plantation residents answers. 

How much residents will believe him is another matter. When he ran for office four years ago, Zimmerman promised not to increase taxes. He ended up voting for tax increases. He even admits this on his campaign website. Zimmerman promises not to do it again. Will Plantation residents trust him?

Zimmerman is facing a strong challenge from Mark Hyatt on the November ballot. Yesterday, a Broward Judge ruled Zimmerman and the City of Plantation were wrong in their attempts to shut down Hyatt’s Christmas display at his Plantation Acres home. The City spent more than $400,000 of taxpayer dollars suing Mark Hyatt.
(FULL DISCLOSURE: The editor of REDBROWARD is a supporter of Mark Hyatt’s campaign for Plantation City Council)

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