Early Voting Begins In Broward County

Early voting begins across a dark & dreary Broward County. “Huge” Trump presence at the West Regional Library in Plantation this morning. Also spotted, Plantation City Council candidate Mark Hyatt (and some paid volunteers for his tax hiking opponent Chris Zimmerman), but no sign of voters or Dr. Bob Levy’s wig. Stay tuned.



1 thought on “Early Voting Begins In Broward County

  1. Joe Goldner

    We are asking everyone in Broward County to come out and vote for Donald J Trump for President. Marco Rubio for Senate and if you live in CD 23 vote for Joe Kaufman for Congress. We are also asking everyone to bring with them their friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members to the polls to vote for Donald J Trump for President and all the candidates that i listed above. We are also asking everyone to look around and if you see something illegal such as intimidation or voter fraud to use your cell phones and I-Pads and film it and report it immediately. We would not accept a tainted or crooked election results. They will not steal it from us again, they will not steal from the American people, we the people again. Get out there now and vote for Trump for President!



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