Young At Art Agrees To Put Lawsuit Against Broward On Hold

David Di Pietro, chairman of Young At Art, told County Attorneys the board voted to stay its lawsuit against the County while it negotiates a new deal. Di Pietro sent an email on Friday after he was notified YAA would be back on the County Commission Agenda.

Last week, County Commissioners blasted Di Pietro for filing a lawsuit against the County while trying to negotiate another deal for the troubled taxpayer-funded kids museum in Davie. County Attorney Joni Coffey called it “ridiculous” while Commissioner Mark Bogen signaled the County was ready to “go to war” if YAA did not come back to the table in good faith.

Di Pietro tried to blame the County for the hastily filed lawsuit. He claimed the museum had no choice because the County was ready to take control of Young At Art. However, REDBROWARD showed YAA insiders laid the groundwork for the lawsuit late last year.

It will be a busy week for David Di Pietro. Besides appearing at the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, he will likely be at early voting locations for his wife’s campaign. Judge Nina Di Pietro came in second to former judge Ian Richards in the August primary. Some courthouse watchers think the Republican darling Di Pietro is in some serious jeopardy of losing her seat on the Broward bench.



Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. That’s how they negotiate, under threat? We are not happy about the choice on the ballot, however we are voting for Ian Richards. At least he is honest .
    Di-Petro needs to go. To much corruption.
    By the way to the blog owner.
    Your side bar / menu on the right is all screwed up. Looks like you tried to put Google Analytics on your blog but didn’t do correct. Side bar just showing your code. Also if your going to copy and paste code into your blog know that HTML is allowed, however Java-script is not. WordPress considers it a security risk.
    Please vote for Sheriffs Scott Israel. He’s making our job at South Florida a lot easier.


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