New Broward Clerk Of Courts Write-In Candidate Is Friends With Mitch Ceasar?!?

According to spokesman for his write-in campaign, Adam R. Brass decided to run to Broward County Clerk of Courts during a private lunch with former Broward Democratic Party chairman Mitch Ceasar. The spokesman, Alan Brass, said his son “overheard” Ceasar discussing the efficacy of a write-in candidate at a lunch both men attended. Caesar is a Democrat candidate for the Broward County Clerk of Courts.

If no Republican or NPA qualifies by Friday, Brass’ write-in candidacy will prevent Republicans and Independents from voting in the August primary. 

 The elder Brass admitted he was a “personal friend” of Mitch Ceasar. Alan Brass said he “had no idea why” his son decided to run. When asked about Adam Brass’ experience, he said, “he has no experience and no ambition.” Oddly enough this applies to most Broward politicians.

In a brief telephone conversation with REDBROWARD, Adam Brass said he is a musician. The 32 year-old Fort Lauderdale resident said he is no longer the manager of Grateful J’s Deadhead Shop in Pompano. According to his Facebook profile, Brass is a graduate of Western High School and attended Broward College. State records show Brass is a registered Democrat. 

Is this another game hatched by Ceasar’s controversial consultant Dan Lewis? Is Mitch Ceasar afraid to face all Broward voters? Does Ceasar realize Brass is exposed to public scrutiny for the sake a cheap political ploy? Broward Democrats deserve better.

Broward voters deserve better.

Adam Brass deserves better.

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