Broward Democrat Leader Cynthia Busch Does Not Apologize For Palestine-Gate

“I was invited to attend an event by the Muslim Democratic Caucus I was asked to sit at a table in the front. The sign facing me said Kuwait. I understand why some are offended but I was not aware until someone shared this picture with me after the event. There were country signs at all the tables-one said Israel.”–Cynthia Busch, via Facebook

Broward Democrat Party Chairperson Cynthia Busch took to Facebook to offer a tepid explanation for sitting at the “Palestine” table at a recent Muslim American Democratic Caucus dinner. Several prominent members of the Broward Democrat Party were upset after reading about the Muslim Heritage Celebration Dinner in Lauderhill. The dinner, which honored State Senator Dwight Bullard, was the latest example of Broward Democrat leaders pandering to local Muslim groups.

Sharon Baron, editor of Tamarac Talk, took Busch to task. While stating she did not believe Busch knew where she was sitting, Baron wrote, “but this ‘country’ does not exist amidst the other recognized countries at the event. We have too many Jewish Dems that too probably find this offensive.”

Hal Tannenbaum wrote, “I would have walked out if I saw a table labeled Palestine and I would have audibly stated WHY!”

Beth Lerner wrote, ” I have to think about Muslim countries like Dubai or Quatar-put me at one of those tables and I’d bolt. They are corrupt, hold Indians hostage and as slaves after bringing them over for work. Take their passports. What is a good Muslim country that treats women and LGBT people as equals?”

Influential Weston Democrat Ann Zucker responded with “The issue here has nothing to do with head scarves. It is a Democratic organization with a table named Palestine and the FDP not reprimanding them for it. Focus.”

Despite these comments from her rank-and-file, Busch failed to apologize. She said she “understand[s] why some are offended.” She claims the reverse side of the “Palestine” card was labeled as “Kuwait.”

However, REDBROWARD obtained photographs of other table cards from the dinner. These cards appear to be blank on one side. The photographs show Busch was not simply “invited” to attend the dinner. Busch can been seen on stage handing a microphone to Ghazala Salam, a local Muslim activist. Former Democrat Party Chair Mitch Ceasar also spoke at the event. It’s unclear what country he was occupying. We were unable to find any photographs of the “Israel” table.

Will Palestine-gate come up at tonight’s Party meeting in Plantation? Will Busch apologize? Stay tuned.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. i’m just book-marking this for the next someone attempts to take this site seriously. the hatred and fearmongering coming from this site has no place in broward county, grab david rosenthal and go on a road trip into the ocean.


  2. To find the word “Palestine” offensive is probably the height of selective xenophobia and deliberate ignorance. That you would bother writing an entire article saying otherwise shows some very low scruples.


    1. Thanks for reading. Please tell us where we said we’re offending by the word “Palestine.” Also, we may be ignorant but it’s always accidental, never deliberate.


      1. It is in your article above. Did you read what you wrote?: “We have too many Jewish Dems that too probably find this offensive.”” Aside from alleging a hypothetical, you used a third party (Sharon Baron) to voice this “probable” offense.


      2. Did she offer any proof of these anonymous “Jewish Dems” that would find this “offensive”? did you ask for any?


  3. Palestine is on ancient maps and there would be a country of that name only the Palestinians are not allowed to have a state due to being under occupation for nearly 50 years, while seeing more and more of their land taken away for so called settlements. I would happily sit at a table called Palestine as I support their right to self determination.


    1. Not attacking anyone. Simply reporting on how the chair of the Broward Democrat Party sat at a table labeled “Palestine” as part of her Muslim outreach and the reaction to her decision. Check out for more examples of Busch’s missteps


      1. You are trying to stigmatize an entire people in an entirely nasty, racist and disgusting manner. She no more has to apologize for this than for sitting on a table with any other peoples name on it. You are really demented.


      2. “Stigmatize an entire people?” Give us an example. Also, please point out the “racist” words used in either article. As for demented, Broward politics will warp even the strongest minds.


  4. Wow. People saying Palestine does not exist, or making embarrassed apologies for sitting at a table with the sign “Palestine”? The world should be ashamed. With Israel and Saudi Arabia being in high standing within the U.N., and both of them having huge human rights issues, I would feel honored to sit at a table labeled Palestine, just as I would have been honored to sit at a table labeled ” Jews” during Hitler’s height of terrorism against Jews. It is time for humanity to rise, together to acknowledge those who suffer now.


  5. Muslim Democratic Caucus! Why on earth would a colonial occupation apartheid state like Israel have a flag there? We seriously have the stupidest most ignorant politicians on earth! Palestine is recognized by most of the world! Idiots!


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