Email Compares Broward Republican Chairman Bob Sutton To Donald Trump

REDBROWARD received an email circulating among local Republican activists comparing party chairman Robert Sutton to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sutton has remained neutral in the Presidential nomination process. While some may see the comparison to Trump as a negative, the majority of Republicans at last night’s party meeting seemed to embrace Trump’s candidacy.

Here’s the email:

Trump – Sutton Comparison

The establishment fought both of them. When Sutton ran for county commission, a few members of a local Republican club handed out Blue cards with Sutton’s democratic opponent on the card. When Sutton ran for the Chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee Republican clubs backed a local musician to run against him and created straw polls that were done in private. Sutton lost in all three straw polls, but won the election. Both Trump and Sutton work to grow the economy and create jobs. Both are married to intelligent, strong, and beautiful women. Both are loving fathers who raised children that are successful in their own right and are supportive of their fathers. Both promote American Exceptionalism and are supported by those that want the fundamentals of the American values of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to each and every American. Both are successful in their trades and can relate to the person who works to pay the bills and may need a guiding hand from time to time. Both Trump and Sutton take on challenges that others find out of their reach to create new concepts. Both are able to energize people from both sides of the political isle. Both use their own resources to roster our great nation and assist others in doing the same. Both keep their circles of friends close, but will lend a helping hand to those that they encounter.”

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