Broward Elections Lawyer Hosted Dale Holness Fundraisers At Offices Tied To Convicted Attorney

Burnadette Norris Weeks, left, and her partner Kathy Eggleston

The attorney for the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office hosted numerous fundraisers for Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness at offices tied to a convicted attorney. Burnadette Norris Weeks, attorney for Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, hosted fundraisers for Holness in 2010 and 2012. These events were held at the Avenue Executive facilty in Fort Lauderdale. Property records show the building at 405 NW 7th Avenue is owned by Lin LLC. The group was founded by Gerald Lindor in 2005.

In February 2012, disbarred attorney Gerald Lindor was convicted of misappropriating $3 million dollars belonging to his clients. Instead of paying his client’s mortgages, Lindor used the money to fund a lavish lifetsyle. Judge Cynthia Imperato gave Lindor twenty years probation so he could repay his clients.

Lindor’s duplex-type property is connected to office space owned by Right Perspective Development Group. As REDBROWARD reported, Right Perspective Development Group is owned by Burnadette Norris Weeks, the attorney for the Broward Supervisor of Elections office.


In February 2004, Burnadette Norris-Weeks and Valerie Kiffin-Lewis, managers of the Right Perspective Development Group, LLC, sought a $220,000 loan from the South Florida Regional Planning Council. Norris-Weeks needed $170,000 for “land improvement” and $50,000 for “construction.” The application states Norris-Weeks and Kiffin-Lewis contributed $100,000 to the business.

Norris-Weeks was opening a new office for her legal practice at 401 N.W. 7th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.

Under the “Community Benefit” section, Right Perspective Development Group LLC stated the new legal services business would create two jobs. It appears those two jobs were given to Norris-Weeks and Kiffin-Lewis.

Norris-Weeks continued to seek public funds to help build her new office. In September 2004, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Norris-Weeks received money from the City of Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). Reporter Brittany Wallman wrote, “[The Fort Lauderdale CRA] Gave Burnadette Norris-Weeks and Valerie Kiffin Lewis, as Right Perspective Development Group, $78,980 to renovate a building they bought at 401 NW Seventh Ave.”

Norris-Weeks received nearly $300,000 in public funds to open a two-person law firm.

A review of Fort Lauderdale CRA records show Lin LLC received public dollars to repair the building at 405 NW 7th Avenue. In the March 2010 Fort Lauderdale CRA minutes, an agreement with Lin LLC would “provide $70,000 and transfer the appropriate funds for the renovation of an exisiting building at 405 NW 7th Avenue.”

Norris Weeks & Lindor: Business Partners?

Records show Lindor and Norris Weeks were more than just neighbors. According to Florida corporation records, Burnadette Norris Weeks became a managing member of Lin LLC in 2007. By  May 1, 2008, Lindor vanished from official records filed with the State of Florida. Less than a month later, Lindor reported his crimes to the Florida Bar. No record of Lindor’s removal from the company is listed.

However, in July 2008, a notice of commencement of roof repairs at 405 NW 7th Avenue shows Lindor’s continuing to the property.  “Lin LLC Gerald Lindor” is listed as the owner on the notice. The notarized document is signed  by Lin LLC manager, Burnadette Norris Weeks.

While Lin LLC may own the property, Avenue executive, the business which operates at that address, is owned by Burnadette Norris Weeks and Kathy Eggleston. Florida records show Norris Weeks and Eggleston are the managers of Avenue Of The Arts Executive Suites LLC.

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