Miramar Commissioner Delivered Checks For Dale Holness & His Non-Profit Group

Official ethics disclosure forms show Miramar Commissioner Alexandra Davis delivered a campaign check from a garbage collection company to Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. Another ethics disclosure form shows Davis used her own campaig funds to make a donation to a controversial non-profit organization tied to Holness. Alexandra Davis is currently campaigning to be the Mayor of Miramar.

REDBROWARD obtained a May 2012 Broward Ethics Disclosure form completed by Commissioner Davis. The form covered “Campaign Fundraising For Other Candidates.” When asked to give the name of candidate, Davis wrote, “Broward Commissioner Dale Holness.” Under contributors, Davis listed Waste Pro and Miramar Commissioner Yvette Colburne. Waste Pro gave Holness a $500 campaign contribution. The check was delivered to a Holness fundraiser co-hosted by Davis, Art Kennedy and Burnadette Norris Weeks.

In December 2012, Waste Pro gave Alexandra Davis a $500 contribution for her 2013 Miramar Commission race. Holness and Burnadette Norris Weeks also contributed to Davis’ Miramar campaign. Less than a year later, Waste Pro gave Davis another $500 for her Broward County Commission race against Barbara Sharief.

A December 2013 ethics disclosure form shows Davis gave funds from her Miramar Commission race to Community Access Center (CAC). Davis wrote she raised funds for a toy drive promoted by CAC CEO/Executive Director Magaly Prezeau.  Currently, Prezeau is a candidate for the Miramar City Commission. Dale Holness sits on the board of directors for the Community Access Center.

REDBROWARD revealed how Holness and Prezeau received thousands of dollars from Broward taxpayers.

In April 2013, Holness asked  fellow commissioners to approve a $15,000 payment to Community Access Center. Commissioner Stacy Ritter called the request “pork.” Holness said the money would be spent on Haitian Cultural Month activities. The Commission, including Republican Chip LaMarca, approved his request.

Last June, REDBROWARD exposed how Sandra Bernard-Bastien helped steer money from CSC’s media budget to CAC. REDBROWARD obtained an audio recording of the February 2014 meeting where Bernard-Bastien said, “Community Access Center is a Haitian TV station.” REDBROWARD exposed the Children’s Services Council media plan included a $5,000 payment to the Community Access Center (CAC). Bernard-Bastien told board members this “small amount of dollars” was a wise investment. She said, “What we found is that, for particularly Caribbean media, we spend $5,000 they give us $50,000.”

Last week, REDBROWARD reported on the numerous candidates in the March 2015 municipal elections tied to Holness. His cousin, Jepath “Jeff” Holness is seeking a seat on the Plantation City Council. Donna Guthrie is running for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.


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