Flyers supporting the reauthorization of the Children’s Services Council Of Broward County (CSC) were found inside the Broward early voting location in Plantation. A stack of flyers from Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF) were found on a table just inside the  main doors of the West Regional Library on West Broward Blvd. Even more amazing was the discovery of pro-CSC literature on the main information table inside the room where votes were being cast.

Once alerted, staff from the Broward Supervisor of Elections office immediately removed the mailer from “Citizens For Broward’s Children,” a pro-CSC political committee. The mailer was placed in the middle of a table which greeted voters as they entered the voting booths. It sat next to sample ballots, a television and other official statements from the Broward elections office. While one apologetic staffer threw the piece in the garbage, other volunteers appeared more concerned that pictures were taken of the mailer.

A senior librarian removed the stack of Hispanic Unity Of Florida flyers after being told they violated Florida elections law which prohibits any campaign materials from being placed within a polling place. These were not the first illegal materials removed from Broward County libraries.

Last week, Florida Legaue of Women Voters guides were removed from the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs. The same guides were banned during the 2012 election. REDBROWARD watched a library employee place stacks of guides on a table just feet from voting booths. When someone tried to remove these guides, a library employee called police. The Coral Springs Police were aware of the Florida Statute and the guides were removed.

REDBROWARD exposed the close financial ties between the Children’s Services Council and Hispanic Unity of Florida, an affiliate of the progressive Hispanic group known as LaRaza. Most of HUF’s funding comes from Broward taxpayer dollars supplied by the CSC. The Hollywood based group gets nearly $2 million dollars from the CSC.