Lobbyist-Palooza To Raise Cash For Pro-School Bond Committee


Nearly every lobbyist in town is on the host committee for an upcoming fundraiser for the controversial Citizens For Safe And Modern Schools group. Average parents, kids and teachers may not be able to afford the $500 admission fee for the October 27 party at the Broward Center For The Performing Arts. This committee seems utterly tone deaf.

Earlier this week, the Broward State Attorney’s Office confirmed its public corruption unit was looking into the operations of Citizens For Safe and Modern Schools. REDBROWARD reveals the group’s political literature makes no mention of the bonds’ $800 million dollar price tag.

Some of the members of the host committee include Democrat Chairman Mitch Ceasar, who lobbied the School Board on behalf of a controversial Muslim charter school. George Platt and his wee son, Georgie “Seth Platt” supported several failed school board candidates including Franklin Sands. Mr Sands is the step father of their partner at the LSN Partners lobbying firm.

Ashley Walker, an Obama operative, is running the campaign for Citizens For Safe and Modern Schools. She shares Fort Lauderdale office space with two members of the host committee, Patrick Maloy and Samantha Senne.

When he’s not suing County Commissioner Chip LaMarca for foreclosure, Michael Moskowitz is the lobbyist for the Florida Panthers. He is the father of State Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Doesn’t Live In Coral Springs). The younger Moskowitz is an executive with AshBritt Inc. This company was accused of overbilling the Broward School District for hurricane cleanup services. Michael Moskowitz represented AshBritt.

Judy Stern makes the host committee. They must be banking on her supplying some of her delicious salami sandwiches.

Once again, the well-connected members of the Broward Elite will gather to raise money to further their own cause. The school kids of Broward County are just an afterthought.

Wonder if they’re paying to rent out the Broward Center For The Performing Arts?


Published by Tom Lauder

Covering South Florida Politics Since 2010...As Seen On: POLITICO, The Huffington Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, WPLG LOCAL 10 (ABC MIAMI), The New Times

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