Broward Republican Secretary Was Paid Political Operative For Convicted Democrat Politician?


Carolyn Kennedy, the newly-elected Secretary of Broward Republican Executive Committee, was a paid political operative for a corrupt Broward County Commissioner. In November 2009, Josephus Eggelletion was charged with accepting an illegal payment from a developer. A month earlier, Federal authorities charged Eggelletion for helping to organize an international money-laundering scheme. RED BROWARD has obtained records showing Kennedy received more than $800 to work on Eggelletion’s 2000 campaign.

The 2000 Eggelletion campaign mastermind was none other than salami sandwich doyenne, Judy Stern.

Eggelltion pleaded guilty and resigned his office. In July 2012, he was released from federal prison in Jesup, Ga., after serving two prison sentences for federal and state crimes.

According to records from the Broward Supervisor of Elections office, the 2000 Eggelletion campaign made numerous payments to “CAROLINE KENNEDY’ who resided at 4395 N.W. 42nd Terrace, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319. Eggelletion paid “Caroline Kennedy” $150 on August 8, 2000, $17.39 on September 5, 2000 for food, another $250 on September 5 for “campaign work,” and $400 on October 2, 2000 for “campaign work.”

Wait a minute, you may say…that’s not how she spells “Carolyn.” True, However, records from the Supervisor of Elections office shows Carolyn Patricia Kennedy was registered to vote at 4395 N.W. 42nd Terrace, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319 until August 2002.

Court records confirm Carolyn Kennedy, a.k.a Carol James lived at 4395 N.W. 42nd Terrace, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319 with a woman named Hyacinth Fothergill.

According to Florida Corporation records, Ms. Fothergill was part of Carolyn Kennedy’s New Entrepreneurial Women, Inc. Voter records indicate Fothergill is currently registered to vote at the same Cooper City address as Kennedy.

Did anyone examine Kennedy’s background?

She was a registered Democrat until March 28, 2001. She switched parties just weeks after helping Eggelletion win the 2000 election. Why? What changed?

BREC members wanted time to ask Kennedy questions. But Broward Republican Chairman Tom Truex said no. He ignored a plea to delay Kennedy’s election. Then he ignored members who attempted to nominate other candidates for BREC secretary.

Just yesterday, Truex emailed this glowing review of Kennedy to BREC members:

Carolyn Kennedy was elected to fill the vacancy of BREC Secretary.  She brings a wealth of experience to the BREC Board.  As well as being a long term BREC member, Carolyn is also Vice-Chair of Florida Assemblies Of Black Republicans (FABR) and a member of the Broward County Diversity Advisory Board.  She is the founder/GM of American United Contractors. Carolyn has worked on the last three governors’ campaigns as well as presidential campaigns and numberous (sic) state and municipal campaigns.  Carolyn told us, “I am anxious for you, my fellow BREC Members, to join me along with the Board, to get Republicans elected and appointed to boards in our county and State.”

No doubt Truex was under enormous pressure from Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca and RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day. After the election, Day admitted she had to “talk [Kennedy] into run for Secretary.” Day personally vouched for Kennedy, saying she had worked alongside her for years.

Doesn’t anybody ask questions and demand answers anymore?

Not in Sharon Day’s Broward GOP. She gives orders and expects us to fall in line. She told BREC members that the party didn’t need “activists” to discuss “policy.” She talked about creating “precinct captains” to oversee the rank and file committeemen. She said she was tired of people asking questions and causing trouble.

Here’s a question: What did Sharon Day really know about Carolyn Kennedy and when did she know it? Did she know about the Eggelletion connection? Is that why she rammed her election down our throats?

We deserve answers. We deserve the truth.

Published by Tom Lauder

Covering South Florida Politics Since 2010...As Seen On: POLITICO, The Huffington Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, WPLG LOCAL 10 (ABC MIAMI), The New Times

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