Congressman Alcee Hastings’ Chief Of Staff: Obamacare Is “Terrible”

The Chief of Staff for Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-Impeached) told a stunned audience they need to get insurance coverage before 2014 because Obamacare “is going to be terrible.” Arthur Kennedy told the predominately minority crowd, “you need to make sure you’re going to have you and your family covered” because after Obamacare takes effect it will be “very selective” and “the only game in town.” Audience members gasped when Kennedy said Obamacare would be managed by the fine folks at the I.R.S.

The Community Forum, hosted by Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness (D-Shameless), featured several guests including Sheriff Scott Israel, Judge Gisele Pollack, and Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie. Broward Democrat chair Mitch Ceasar was in the crowd but he made no mention of hislobbying work for a mysterious Islamic charter school. Lauderdale Lakes Commissioners Eric Haynes and Gloria Lewis sat side by side in the audience. Which was humorous because Lewis just told the Sun-Sentinel that she doubted Haynes actually lived in Lauderdale Lakes!

Kennedy will get some heat for his comment. Sure it’s easy to attack anyone working for the disgraced Hastings. A few years ago, some attacked Kennedy for being a registered Republican(!)

In our view, Kennedy is a hero. He spoke the truth. The whole world knows Obamacare will be terrible. It was refreshing to hear a politico speak the truth. He warned Hastings’ constituents to be proactive and protect their families.

Mr. Kennedy talked about “jobs” too. He said, “we don’t see it getting any better any time soon.” You’ll hear folks on CNBC and Fox Business say the same thing all day long.

But then, listen very closely. You’ll hear a man decide to forget the consequences and speak truth to power. Kennedy said, “I said I wasn’t going to say this…I talked to Dale [Holness] about the new Wal-Mart….He’s having some conversations with some of the people with Wal-Mart.”

Broward Commission visitors logs show Holness met with Frank Gatlin, the Wal-Mart builder, in April and May of this year regarding a proposed Wal-Mart on Broward Blvd.

Kennedy said, “it’s criminal, in my opinion, to have employees and not give them any benefits. It’s criminal. If they plan to build on 27th [Avenue] and Broward …we’ll be out there picketing, just like we used to.”

Now, don’t focus on the Wal-Mart benefits issue. Wal-Mart, like any other business, can set its own policies. It has been the target of liberal seeking to unionize its workers. But that’s not the point of this story. Keep listening.

Kennedy concluded with, “Somebody has to say something. And to let things just go because the “powers that be” say let them go…a few of us gonna fight until the end to make sure it doesn’t happen.” That was a man saying the unpopular thing while sitting inches away from the “powers that be.”

Like everything else he does, Holness’ forum was a charade meant to further his own prospects. One of Holness’ guests was Frank Gatlin, the guy who wants to build the Wal-Mart at the Riverbend Marketplace. Another speaker was Lauderdale Lakes(?) Commissioner Eric Haynes representing the Broward Miniority Builders Coalition. Guess who signed a “letter of understanding” with Gatlin? Yep, the Broward Minority Builders Coalition.

Gatlin told the audience he got his start as an apprentice for “black brick layers’. Of course he left out the fact he drove to the forum from his million dollar riverfront mansion in his fancy Bentley.

Gatlin, Haynes and Holness talked about jobs for the community. Kennedy knew this was baloney. He knew this was all about the rich getting richer, not jobs for poor people. He had the guts to say so.

Thank you Mr. Kennedy.

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Published by Tom Lauder

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