Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-Right Away, Ms. Wasserman Schultz) raised more than $500,000 in the last quarter with a big assist from Broward Commissoner Chip LaMarca’s new campaign treasurer and one of The Real Housewives Of Miami. Yesterday, we reported that Lauderdale Air Show chief and Beach Developer Dev Motwani is LaMarca’s new campaign treasurer. Last month, Motwani threw a big 30th Birthday Party/fundraiserfor Murphy at the Leiser Opera Center in Fort Lauderdale. It was one of four birthday fundraisers for Murphy, the guy who barely beat Congressman Allen West (R-Republican). Even the National Republican Congressional Committee took time to mock the Murphy; “Instead of fighting for constituents, Patrick “Playboy of Jupiter” Murphy is bringing his drunk and disorderly ways to the United States Capitol to raise money for his campaign.”

Last election cycle, Motwani gave Murphy more than $5,000. In March, Motwani gave him another $5,200. Other big Murphy donors include Fisher Island birthday party hosts Ibrahim and Morgan Al-Rashid who gave a total of $10,400. Salaman Nasser Al-Rashid, a New York investor, gave $5,200. The liberal fundraising group ActBlue pitched in a measly $61, 475.96.

Mohammad Al-Rashid, a profilic donor to Democrats, gave Murphy $5,200. In the last election cycle, Mohammad Al-Rashid gave big bucks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch), Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-Gold Faucets), the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, and Fox News nemesis, Congressman Ralph Ellison of Minnesota.

Sorry Chip, these guys don’t seem to be big Republicans.

Perhaps LaMarca was hoping to catch some buzz off the Real Housewives of Miami or a spot on Andy Cohen’s BRAVO talk show?  Real Miami housewife Lea Black, wife of prominent attorney Roy Black, gave Murphy a contribution last month.

Let’s hope LaMarca doesn’t keep Motwani too busy because Murphy is going to need all the help he can get. Considered to be very vulnerable by Democrat insiders, Murphy is sure to get lots of challengers. The first one, Juno Beach Vice Mayor Ellen Andel, joined the fray today. The Palm Beach Post reports others may join including Adam Hasner, a favorite among Broward Republicans. In 2012 Hasner waged a tough race against Lois Frankel for the CD 22 seat. Oddly enough, Chip LaMarca briefly considered challenging Hasner for the Republican nomination.

Oh, Chip. There you go again.