In campaign papers filed late last week, Chip LaMarca (R-Hahahaha) announced one of his campaign treasurers is a Democrat developer who just hosted a birthday fundraiser for Congressman Patrick Murphy. You know Murphy, right? He’s the political newcomer handpicked by Debbie Wasserman Schultz to take on Congressman Allen West. Murphy barely, we mean barely, beat West last November. The March 2013 birthday bash was hosted by ActBlue, a giant liberal fundraising group and LaMarca’s treasurer,Dev Motwani.

Mr. Motwani, a Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel developer, is trying to revitalize the aging Las Olas Riverfront development. Federal campaigns records show Dev Motwani gave more than $5,000 to Patrick Murphy. Motwani gave another Democrat, Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, $1,500 for her US Congressional bid. He gave Jacobs’ opponent, Lois Frankel, another Democrat, $1,500 too. Motwani gave local Democrats Mike Satz and Jared Moskowitz $500 each. Not exactly favorites in Broward Republican households.

Why would LaMarca tap a big Democrat donor for such an important campaign post? Could it have less to do with ideology than money?

This move comes on the heels of LaMarca’s decision to approve a $16,700 taxpayer bailout of a mysterious local group with close ties to Broward Commissioner Dale Holness. Stacy Ritter labeled the handout as “pork”.

Hmm, LaMarca supports developers, Democrats and liberal social agencies. When is he going to support rank-and-file Broward taxpayers? You know, the little guys.