Is Dr Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal Breaking Election Rules?


Quick! Someone get Dr. Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal a copy of Coral Springs election laws. Gendal, Stacy Ritter’s favorite eye doctor, is a non- partisan candidate for the City Of Coral Springs commission. But for the last few days Gendal has been telling voters to support Stacy Ritter and Abby Freedman. He has been telling voters that he is a Democrat as well.

But worst of all, Gendal has been passing out the Broward Democrat party palm card. The card was paid for by the Broward Democrat Party.

That’s definitely not “non-partisan”.

Just another member of Team Stacy Ritter that cannot follow the rules. Why is that?

(The top image is from Tuesday. The image below was snapped on Sunday)

We urge voters to reward Gendal’s opponent, Dan Daley for following the rules.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Has any non-judicial candidate in Florida ever gotten in trouble for violating this? Would such a prohibition hold up in court if challenged on First Amendment grounds?


  2. Your missing it today. He just won’t stop telling people his party affiliation. He was witnessed being told the rules by guys in yellow shirts and he said it was his first ammendment right to say whatever he wanted.


  3. Dan Danley is clearly the better choice but he does not as many signs as “fancy pants”. Do you think people are smart enough to elect Daley…or will most go on name recognition alone?? I hope Coral Springs doesn’t elect this loser!!!!


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