Abby Freedman Making Outlandish Claims At Early Voting Site?


If you think early voting is boring, stop by the Coral Springs library to watch School Board candidate Abby Freedman in action. Multiple sources recount Ms. Freedman’s antics during the first 3 days of early voting.

Freedman blasted the Broward Teachers Union for endorsing her opponent, Shelly Solomon. Several sources heard Freedman badmouthing the BTU even though she vigorously sought their support.

According to other sources, Freedman is telling Republican voters that Ed Kennedy, the well-respected Republican State Committeeman, has switched his endorsement from Solomon to her. Conservative groups are passing out cards with Kennedy’s picks; Sources heard Freedman say the cards are wrong.

This morning, we received reports Freedman was bashing local firefighters for endorsing Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon. Freedman was overheard asking fireman how much it costs to get their endorsement.

Only 3 days into early voting and Freedman allegedly acts like this? Maybe she’s concerned about being abandoned by her Team Stacy Ritter co-horts. Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) is begging for votes in Tamarac. Freedman campaign manger Amy Rose is busy running Scott Israel’s failing campaign for Broward Sheriff. Freedman has to wonder why Rose got volunteers, fancy signs and full-sized vans for Israel while she is all alone at the polling place.

Well Freedman does have Dr Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal keeping her company. More on Stacy Ritter’s favorite eye doctor later.

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. I went to vote early last night and was carrying a Republican choice sheet. Abby Freedman came up to me and my son 18 years old and pointed to my sheet and said that I had an old one and new ones were mailed out with the correct names. I shouldn’t vote for School Board District 4: Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon. She handed me her card and said her name is on the new choice sheet and I should vote for her. Then she whispered to me and told me that Shelly was for Abortion and Same Sex Marriage. I didn’t hear what she whispered so she held up a paper in the palm of her hand that said Abortion and Same Sex Marriage. She said don’t vote for her she believes in this! What kind of a lying crazy person is Abby Freedman she doesn’t deserve to be a candidate for any office. Especially the SCHOOL BOARD!!!!!! I VOTED FOR ROCHELLE “SHELLY” SOLOMON!


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