Nora Rupert is all over the media bashing Superintendent Robert Runice over the school bus mess. Rupert was never a Runcie fan, but she had a great relationship with Former Broward Teachers Union President Pat Santeramo(D-Arrested).

Remember our story from July:

“Until today, many assumed most of the illegal BTU campaign contributions were directed to Alex Sink’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. “Incident 34″ in the Patrick Santeramo “Warrant To Arrest” states: “There were also political contributions made by Leonard and Arnetta Lee for the 2010 campaign to elect Nora Rupert to the Broward County School Board at the request of Mr. Santeramo, with the understanding that they would be reimbursed.”

Last March, Mr. Lee, deputy director of AFT Southeast Region, was charged with a single count of Campaign Contribution Violations, a misdemeanor. He received probation.

There is no evidence or allegation that School Board Member Rupert was aware of Santeramo’s scheme.”

Here’s Nora and Pat Santeramo thinking the same way back in May 2011:

“One name keeps surfacing again and again as a possible successor to Notter.

‘You can’t miss with an Alberto Carvalho,’ says Rupert. ‘He’s terrific.’

Carvalho has been Miami-Dade County Schools superintendent since September 2008. He has a contract extension that runs through 2012.

‘He has forged a relationship with the community and he has a fantastic focus on the classroom…Certainly we are dealing with an urban district and we’re also a minority majority,’ said Rupert. ‘He wants to keep at risk kids in school. He’s doing a phenomenal job.’

The head of Broward teacher’s Union says he’s impressed Carvalho has cut the administration by half over three years, something they’ve urged the district to do.

‘I would like to see someone with vision who communicates effectively and works collaboratively,’ said Union president Pat Santeramo.

When asked on the record whether he would be interested in the Broward superintendent job Carvalho said coyly, ‘I’m surprised. But I am committed to this community. Of course that’s what everyone says just before they announce they’re running for president.'”

Here’s Nora and Pat Santeramo complaining about Runcie:

Board member Nora Rupert said she supports some of the changes, but is opposed to the pay bumps. To help fill a $171 million shortfall this year, the district cut about 1,000 teachers and forced employees to take furloughs.

‘It’s not the message that we want to be sending right now,’ Rupert said.

Pat Santeramo, president of the Broward Teachers Union, agreed: ‘You have a select few now who are being given a lot of benefits.'”

Notice a pattern? Great minds think alike?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photo meme accompanying this story features School Board Member Nora Rupert and FL Representative Franklin Sands. Mr. Sands is currently running for the at large seat on the Broward County School Board. Pat Santeramo is not in the photo.