Did Abby Freedman Ever Vote For Broward School Board District 4?

At Last Monday’s Broward Republican meeting, Abby Freedman was touting her involvement in Broward Schools as a reason the Tea Party should back her in the Broward School Board District 4 race. District 4 has been home to some of the most colorful school board races in Broward county. Stephanie Kraft, who held the seat for years, last ran in 2006. Dave Thomas won a hotly contested race to replace Kraft in 2010. Thomas’ abrupt resignation brought about this year’s race.

District 4 voters may want to know who Freedman voted for in 2010, right?

Well, according to a prominent voter database, Abby Freedman did not vote in 2010.

The same database says Abby Freedman did not vote in 2006.

However, it does show Abby Freedman cast an early vote in 2012.

Was Abby Freedman’s first vote in a Broward School Board race for herself?

Say it ain’t so, Abby!


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