The Broward polls will close in less hour. The races may not go our way. Some bad people may become powerful bad people. Some of the usual tricks may work again. But have faith.

This is just another battle in a long war. And you know, even if it doesn’t feel like it, we’re winning this war. Lots of Democrat voters bemoaned the corruption, the indifference and the cronyism in Broward government. The message is getting out. Have faith.

People are searching the records. The veneer is cracked. People are laughing at those politicians once thought to be invincible.

Ilene Lieberman, Mitch Ceasar, Franklin Sands and Mike Satz have never fought this hard. They’re not fighting because Broward voters suddenly became staunch conservatives. They’re fighting because the truth is beginning to leak out everywhere. They’ve tried to put this genie back in the bottle. It hasn’t worked.

We know their tactics. We know the names of their well-connected allies. We know their consultants and flunkies.

We’re not fooled by sleazy mailers. We laugh at the phony robo-calls.

Keep the faith.

Winter is coming…