Gee, political novice Gerri Ann Capotosto sure is lucky. First, she gets to tell President Barack Obama (to his face) that he saved her from being homeless:

“Gerri Ann Capotosto, a small businesswoman, introduced Obama, telling a story about facing homelessness during the recession. She credited Obama with helping her family get through the ordeal.”

Then, last week the local NBC news affiliate picked her out of millions of south Floridians to shill for Obamacare.

“Looking at 17-year-old Patrick Capotosto, you would never know he has a pre-existing condition, but he has cholesteatoma – a cyst in his middle ear. The cyst damages everything around it, and the only solution is surgery. Capotosto required three. ‘When an insurance company looks at pre-existing conditions and they’ve seen that there’s been prior surgeries, without this legislation, he would have been denied. And at the time when he needed it, I would not have been able to write the $10,000 check,’ said his mother, Gerri Ann.”

According to the Capotosto Facebook page, Gerri Ann and son appeared on WSVN Channel 7 too.

Wow, we’re worried all Broward Democrat candidates get this treatment. What? They don’t get this PR? What makes Gerri Ann so special? Perhaps Gerri Ann will explain everything on her website.

Er, never mind.

Maybe disgruntled (and publicity-starved) Democrats should email Ashley?

Just remember Dems, “Under React”