Jaemi Levine Bows Out Of Broward School Board Race, Endorses Shelly Solomon

The race for the District 4 seat on the Broward County School Board race is never dull. Jaemi Levine has decided to drop out of the race. She has endorsed one of her opponents-Shelly Solomon. Late this afternoon the Solomon campaign released this statement:

“Today the ‘Shelly’ Solomon for School Board Campaign, announced the endorsement of former School Board Candidate in District 4, Jaemi Levine.
Ms Solomon, said ‘I am honored to have the support of a great activist of the Children of District 4’.”

Levine spoke to Red Broward about her decision to leave the race. “[Solomon] is a strong candidate. She’s honest and I know she cares about the kids. She’s putting her own money in the race so I know she can’t be bought or sold”.

Levine says she will now pursue personal interests, but she promises to stay involved in this race.

She said Solomon’s entry into the race made the decision to drop out an easier one; “Some of the other candidates are scary. They’re being backed by the same old corrupt crew. Shelly Solomon is the only choice for the voters of district four.”


1 thought on “Jaemi Levine Bows Out Of Broward School Board Race, Endorses Shelly Solomon

  1. Le Peerman

    I am very proud of Jaemi’s decision, it is hard to end something that you have a passion for but Jaemi’s passion has always been the kids and I have no doubt she will continue that passion.
    Comissioner Le Peerman



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