Broward Commissioner Ilene Lieberman (D-Legal Genius) is running for Broward County Judge. No word if Florida Bar Member Ilene L. Michelson is running too. See, that’s the name Lieberman uses when practicing law.

Here’s another question or two:

When Lieberman gave testimony against Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco did Ilene “state her name for the record” as Lieberman or Michelson?

Will Lieberman aide and Chait bribery participant Bev Stracher follow her to the new courthouse gig?

Will Ilene Michelson, Woodlands resident, continue to videotape people picking up mangoes that fall from her trees?

Will Lieberman’s downtown backers ACTUALLY GIVE HER MONEY SO SHE CAN SIT AS A BROWARD COUNTY JUDGE??? Really? You don’t read the funny papers?

Winter is coming…