Adam Hasner released the following statement on President Barack Obama’s visit to Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

“I welcome President Obama to Palm Beach and Broward Counties. His visit can help shine a national light on the challenges the people of Southeast Florida face during this sluggish recovery. For instance, unemployment in Palm Beach County remains well above the national average, and has been above 8 percent since December of 2008. It’s my sincere hope that during his time here, he will get a firsthand look at the challenges facing our community, and listen to our neighbors who are suffering under Washington’s failed economic policies.

“I also hope the President will listen to the small businessmen and women, families, and seniors in our area who are already at the breaking point and cannot survive another tax hike. Instead of targeting arbitrary groups of Americans for selective tax hikes to fund more government, we need fundamental reform of our tax code, an elimination of all the special interest tax breaks and giveaways, and an across the board flattening of tax rates. While partisan discussion of class warfare using tax increases as a primary weapon has been the recent banter, Americans want real action that will spur economic growth and job creation. Americans want real action that will lower gasoline prices, and Americans want real action that will get our economy moving forward.

“A balanced approach that makes our tax code flatter, simpler, and fairer, and gets rid of the big business giveaways and loopholes, is an important step in kick-starting our economic recovery and putting more of our neighbors back to work. So welcome to Palm Beach and Broward, President Obama. Please take the time to visit with people who need your real action, not just those who are fortunate enough to write a big check for your re-election.”