Ozzie DeFaria, Republican candidate for US Congress, keeps putting the pressure on Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch). DeFaria announced a national ad campaign targeting DWS as a “jobs killer”.

Here’s the release:

“The results speak for themselves. When Barack Obama took office, there were 12,049,000 unemployed Americans. Now, there are approximately 12,758,000 unemployed Americans and the unemployment rate has risen to 8.3%. If you count all the people that have given up looking for jobs, the unemployment rate would be over 10%. Obamacare and the rejection of jobs creating initiatives, like the Keystone Pipeline, are holding our country back from economic recovery.

The campaign will begin with a national ad buy on conservative and other websites such as Drudge Report, drawing people to a landing page at jobs.ozzieforcongress.com. The ads will begin on Thursday March 1.

‘Barack Obama can’t destroy America by himself. He is dependent upon a group of co-conspirators, and his top lieutenant is DNC Chair and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. When Debbie isn’t busy attacking conservatives and calling Tea Party supporters racists, she is busy promoting Barack Obama’s radical, left wing jobs killing agenda,’said Ozzie deFaria.

‘The people of South Florida deserve a representative who will make job creation their number one priority. Debbie is not focused on her constituents but soley focused on the re-election of a failed President. As a first generation American who came from nothing, I understand the struggles of everyday Americans. For 25 years, I helped create over 2,000 jobs and added $800 million to our economy. Now, I’m asking you for the opportunity to take my skills and experience to the U.S. Congress so I can help make America’s economy strong again. I’ll make jobs my number one priority.'”