Paula McMahon of Sun-Sentinel reports disgraced Broward Democrat Josephus Eggelletion may not be getting out of prison until July. “Joe Egg” hoped to be released in a few weeks.

“Eggelletion, 62, still hopes he will be returning home before too long, but for now the federal Bureau of Prisons has changed his scheduled release date to July 18.

The former politician reported to prison in Jesup, Ga., in May 2010. He is serving 2 1/2 years for federal convictions for money-laundering conspiracy and filing a false tax return, and a state conviction for taking bribes from developers. Eggelletion is serving both sentences at the same time in the federal system, under the terms of his plea agreements.

His attorney, Johnny McCray Jr., said that he thinks prison authorities have miscalculated the new release date and that he will file court papers asking a state judge to clarify when Eggelletion should get out. Obviously, Eggelletion hopes the dispute will be decided in his favor, McCray said.”

The comments section of the story included this quote. Interesting, but comments sections are notorious gathering spots for fakers, impostors and phonies.


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