Poll This! Do You Support Casinos On Broward County Beaches?

So far, all the casino talk is focused on the Genting and Steve Wynn properties in Miami. But there are a few locations on Hollywood Beach and Fort Lauderdale that would be perfect for “resort style” gaming.  What say you?


1 thought on “Poll This! Do You Support Casinos On Broward County Beaches?

  1. Freida Drucker

    Churches and Synagogues are for worship. Food markets are for food. Lakes, swimming pools and the ocean are for recreation such as fishing, swimming, diving and boating. Casinos are for gambling, entertainment, drinking and other games of chance. Walmart sells just about everything except religion, actual water activities and actual gambling. So why should the beaches need to become a one stop living experience? In my opinion, this falls into the category of monoply. If you can do everything at the beach, why go anywhere else? My opinion isn’t too clear here, but you probably get my idea. Separation of activities is needed. It just doesn’t make sense to wear a
    towel and flip flops everywhere you go.



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