Ilene Lieberman And The Case Of The Missing Mangoes!!!

OMG. Tipster told RED BROWARD about the biggest scandal to hit Tamarac in years–someone is STEALING MANGOES FROM ILENE LIEBERMAN’S YARD.

Ilene missed the Chaits, Talabisco, Bev Stracher, Diane Glasser and hubby Stuart, but she’ll be damned if someone steals a mango!!!

According to The Woodlands Tamarac blog, Ilene contacted BSO. The Sheriff had more important things to do.

So, Ilene turned her security camera video over to the blog in hopes of catching the thieves!!!

During the third week of July, Section Four neighbor, Ilene Michelson’s daughter was coming home for a visit. Ilene went out to her mango tree to get some fresh fruit. The last time she checked, her mangoes, were looking plump and red in color and they were almost ready to be eaten. To her surprise, she found that the tree on her property which she planted and cultivated was bare. The mangoes that were there just a few days before were nowhere to be found.

They decided to check out their surveillance cameras to see if it could offer any information on who could have taken all of their mangoes. To their surprise, they saw several people taking them from their tree. They told BSO but there was nothing they could do.

Ilene sent the surveillance over to me to see if anyone knew any of the people that are on the video. The people shown are deliberately stealing from her tree. I did not upload the videos of the individuals that took mangoes that had already fallen to the ground.

See if you know anyone on the video and please let her know. If you are having problems with people taking fruit from your trees. Please post it here.

Published by Tom Lauder

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